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Couple one of whom is clergy we have access to these kind of retreats marriage retreats Very meaningful and helpful and so. I think it's probably different for every couple. I don't know there's one size that's all how about jaw We definitely have a well. We both do like counseling by ourselves. But we've always been actually. We've done a few sessions like together. We see the same counselor So that makes it easy because they know all of our stuff and but yeah. I'm i'm very pro therapy counseling and i always tell couples like. Don't go when it will. You wanna go. If it's that definitely go. But it's like preventative like i was encouraged. Like hey you guys might wanna go before you have a baby or there's a move some big life changes going to put some stress on your marriage like go ahead and get some tools so you can Endure whatever that challenge is coming your way better because if you wait too long ten twelve i think the average in my research most couples wait seven years to go see someone which at that point. You're not treating like a scrape your treaty in that arms infected and not niece. Like that's why you should go. And he had like a small scrape algae hunt because not only do we do our. We inclined to insist on our way. We're also terrible about keeping score and so if you're seven years in tall the scorekeeping then it's not just the the fact that you're having a hard time balancing schedules with the new of eight baby. It's that you've got seven years of history that you wanna up every time you're processing a specific problem. Yeah yeah yes like just like you go to a doctor. Maybe once a year or if you're going to the dentist to whatever it is like you should check in like as a couple think that's good practice and i read a lot of marriage books. I love anything. That the got men's john gotten puts out There's there's great resources out there so good and having older along you know mentors that can you can talk to is always so helpful or we agree. Okay all right so what's your big takeaway from this particular wreck. What do you want the congregation to now. I really just wanted my sometimes in a ceremonial have a very specific goal. Like a very specific thing that i wanted to take away. Maybe there's a to do. There's often do or a you know. Here's what's next by next step wherever this. I just wanted to highlight the fact that the bible has something to say about our romantic relationships. And it's an important something to say and it's this whole notion of municipal partners Because i think that's just a very foundational principle for for healthy for those for those who are going to choose to be in relationships..

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