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Six. The famous comeback by the bears on Monday night football the Dennis Green you want to crown their asses crown their ass game and Kornheiser. Is You know some of his stuff. Seemed like it was written. Maybe four days earlier and he's got it on a padded. He's GonNa read word for word but like there is a place for it because Kornheiser comes in and he's flame throwing he's like the bears haven't had a good quarterback luckily let's just call it like it is and he's not scared to say things. I look at a bill. Simmons I look at a Ryen Russillo at some of these guys who are opinion est but are also diehard fans of the game and say there might be a place for that and then I look at some of the guys who are just really connected like Peter King Article. Every Monday morning that people read around the League people talk to Peter King the worst thought to have Peter King in the booth instead of another ex-player and have guys that just an idea and I agree. I think now if especially there's chance to experiment we're all the wall seem to be being torn down and being broken and I don't work as a sports television EXEC but the Monday night gig like no. I think booger was swing with the mobile work. Whatever but doesn't mean we have to go and just do the standard airs play by play Guy. Here's analyst here's analysts to and let's just go and roll it out like maybe we do take a little risk in. Try someone new and that the I don't know it's it's a very fine line because I agree with you that you want something different. You want some risks now. Espn turn around and say well you know. We tried that with the booger on the crane. But that was stupid. I agree that you can mix things up. Put a third person in the booth and like you said you can do it. Information person like yourself or Peter King or do something opinions Russillo now. Whenever the Monday night football thing gets brought up now because he has a lot of followers on twitter. There's like this big Pat McAfee groundswell and my thing on McAfee is whether he's your cups here not I just. As someone who covers media would be shocked if ESPN ever hide him for Monday night football because ESPN still thinks Monday night. Football's a big deal. The League things Monday night. Football is a big deal. I don't think that higher would get approved. That's just my opinion but I don't know I'd be open to it. I mean at the very least. I like the idea of being outside the box. If it even is outside the box like see I think is a very popular guy and I think he actually gets guests on his show on youtube that I watch like. I don't think he's so disconnected either so I wouldn't be against it and I'm not against anything I look Dan. Orlovsky is a guy who we put on good morning football because he was tweeting. Cool videos of You know here's my analysis of why Carson Wentz good quarterback. I sent them an invite over texts that I want to come on. Good Morning Football. He came on. He knocked it out of the park. Get it wasn't because of me because him. The two of us have remained very good friends. We always talk and I am so proud of Dan for going from the Stigma of union. Play at the highest level. Wash you ran out of the back of the end zone to really tearing that down through good work and good analysis in showing personality to now. He's become so undeniable that if Dan Orlovsky is sitting on the Monday night booth. I don't think there's many people who follow football. Who say what the Hell's he doing up here? I think he has shown through. Just the opportunity that you don't necessarily need to have seven pro bowl six passing championships to have a chance to have an opinion on the game sometimes. It's the students of the game that you want to hear from US right. It's good point I love it. We covered like twelve minutes. And I didn't plan on talking about any of this. I didn't even mention that. You know you're doing good morning football every morning now. You've you're doing doing some Fox. Aaron Krista Show Fox doing Chris and Aaron where it's like they were like. Let's just put this thing together. But we got good gas. Travis Kelsey got Henry Henry Rugs there. Anyway it's the three of US sitting in quarantine for half hour and Chris and Aaron are awesome and then we talk about what happened in the week football. It's like it's such a low maintenance show it is put it on and we talk and it's they're the two of them talked everyone in the NFL too. So this is the time to try this stuff. And I'm happy to be a part of that in good morning football which is still live three hours every morning and I'm so proud of our show and NFL network for not only getting back on air which was a technical nightmare. But now we're Kinda in a groove and even from our respective homes doing the show and Jimmy. I know you watch you tweet at it but I'll put the content. We're putting out every day up against anything because it's hard when there's no sports and I think we're giving some people hope someone to watch and talk about. Oh absolutely absolutely you know. It's funny because I I'm always torn because I'm very lucky that my Guy Howard. Stern is only on three days a week because I can really lock into you guys on Thursday and Fridays. He's not on Monday Tuesday Wednesday like I got a monitor who he has on. But I keep you guys on the TV and it's funny because sometimes if I'm listening to him if he has you know guest. I'm interested in. I look up and either. Kyle's either dancing or your ICU. You're about to fall off your chair laughing sometimes without the sound. I could laugh from your show now what I did want so. I did have a list of topics to get into. Let's so the. Nfl is proceeding here at business. As usual they did the schedule released last week. And I don't want to break down this. You know this team. That's for the experts like you. There's two or three things that stood out to me. The first is I absolutely love what they're doing on Christmas Day. With a four thirty Vikings Saints game like by. Like okay. So maybe it's because I'm Italian. Yep I'm you know we do. The Christmas Eve is a bigger deal in my family than Christmas Day. We do the big fish dinner on Christmas Eve and we're up late and Christmas. Day is a really low key day and by four thirty. I'm ready to be left alone and the couch. Vikings I love. I liked that better than a night. Game Two for thirty. I love that on Christmas Day. Your thoughts on that one. I love it and it's a Friday afternoon. It's really random it's not like they you know traditionally have it's the first Friday afternoon NFL game. I think we've had because going back. I don't think we've ever done it now. I am a huge fan of Saturday football during the month of December. And I felt I got to do a Saturday game last year on the sidelines for Patriots. Bills and week fifteen. I think it was or week. Sixteen and it was awesome. I love the Saturday game. I think your idea game on on Christmas is fantastic and I love the matchup that NFL could have easily said. Here's Jaguars Titans. Or here's Bengals broncos. Two teams haven't made the playoffs. They're like no. We're GONNA take probably one of the best playoff games we've seen In the last twelve months the vikings saints that went down to the wire and overtime in Newark. We're going to run a write back. We're GONNA put the Vikings right back down in the Superdome so I love that idea. I thought it was created from the NFL. Now I I feel like the NFL now. They're at the point where no matter what teams no matter what the match ups are on Thanksgiving. Those Games are going to get a monster rating. No matter what it's just it's part of Americana it's part of life but you cannot possibly get more unsexy matchup than lions. Texans I know to Shawn Watson. Jj Watt but I. I'm sorry that is not one that like you. GotTa make sure your asses in front of the television at twelve thirty on Thanksgiving and that one's a little bit. You could have given me something there did you Miss Mitch. Trubisky versus David Blau less year bears verse. That's what I'm saying you'RE GONNA watch it no matter what they know they got you so that you're GonNa Watch and it's so good like this is honestly while we're in this desert of of football and sports and something to talk about right now in the middle of May in quarantine I would sign up. Run walk go forrest gump and grow a beard and run to Ford Field to see that game right now about i. I know I know but you know. Listen he's still got analyze it as if we're in a normal. They changed the Nike on it last two years. It was Saints Falcons. It's was steelers favored Evans. Yeah that's a good one. That's a great one. Yeah yeah so I think so. They did a good job. Thanksgiving night love Christmas Day. They did a great job altogether like week. One or getting obviously a Thursday night kickoff with mahomes versus Watson which is cool but sign me up for read out of the Gates Brady versus breeze. Zanu yeah I wrote. I said it on twitter and I wrote in the rating for that game's going to be through the and especially if they do that. Game WITH NO FANS IN THE STANDS. That's just going to help the rating because if people are still staying home everyone because what? Brady's first game is a buck brings in the fringe fan. People like you and I were like you said you'll go light yourself on fire right now to go. Watch Light Lions Texans? We're watching no matter. What but the person who's on the fence who's not the die hard. Maybe they will watch Tom. Brady's first Fox we'll get a monster number for that. Game Monster Rating and an eighty points combined probably. Yeah it'll be a shootout. I always like have an opportunity to break down the schedule on. Nfl Network the next few days because of our morning show. But because of this situation the quarantine the off season becomes so fascinating little thoughts. That like I have a follow up with people at the different teams. I'll be like you're spot on so for example when I hear crazy thing but like Sean McVeigh has no kids. Sean McVeigh has a fiance. Sean McVeigh has all the same technological stuff in his house so whereas other coaches are dealing with potentially home schooling and four kids jumping around their laps and dealing with all the same stuff that all of us are dealing with. Who have kids families? Sean McVeigh has nothing. But his film and just complete isolation to study and work on all that stuff like that's an advantage to me right on drew drew brees. No Sean Payton's offense inside and out never has to pick up a playbook to learn you. Know the whole. Tom Brady is learning from a completely new playbook with guys. He's never played with with a coach. Bruce Arians who he's never played for with Byron left which next quarterback from his generation who probably got small to no relationship with going into this thing to me advantage breeze like those little things and I don't gamble. I don't blue fix. I'm just I love like the inner workings of Okay Strategy. How does this affect team young quarterback with a new offensive coordinator? It doesn't that not kill you know. Take take the Redskins Dwayne Haskins. Who struggled last year? Learning an offense now has to go from that to an offensive coordinator Scott Turner. Who's really the? Oc for a team. He's never been with the redskins. Ed Haskins doesn't know him like all. That stuff is so fascinating to me. Everyone says everything's got to be equal in the off season with time. You're with your team and all that stuff like Nano like to the chiefs and the saints are GonNa have a major advantage over teams with new offenses a new players all over the place. I I'm glad you said this because you're allowing me a chance to plug something I did. I I interviewed. Jj Watt last. It's on if you google. Jj Watt Jimmy trainer. Jj WATT ESSAY DOT COM. It'll come up and I asked him. How much pre season he would need to get ready for..

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