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Over the course of seventeen months the gorilla man Earl Nelson Eh traveled across the entire United States and murdered nineteen women and one infant child. The nation was locked in a state date of perpetual fear as strangled. Women were being found at an alarming rate. All throughout the country to the public. Earl seemed almost unstoppable possible. He could kill at anytime and evade the police in any city leaving no leads behind. He was a boogeyman to the average American. A terror terror in the night yet even though the people thought earl was uncatchable earl felt differently everywhere he went he read constant newspaper stories stories about his killings while the people thought they could not escape from him earl felt like he could not escape from their gays and kill and peace To Earl it felt like the entirety of the American police force was after him. It was simply too much pressure. As he believed he could be caught at any moment as a result. Bolt Earl decided to flee the state's entirely. He headed north to Canada. After crossing the boarder he made his way to Winnipeg Manitoba Arriving on June eighth nineteen twenty seven looking for a place to stay earl charmed his way into a boarding house. Run by a woman named Catherine Hill. He gave her a fake name. Pedra dollar as a deposit and promised to get her three more dollars by the end of the week unfortunately he gave Catherine Hill something much worse instead on that same day a fourteen year. Old Girl named Lola. Lola Cohen was walking down the street selling paper flowers door to door. Perhaps she knocked on Catherine's door and earl answered or perhaps earl met later on the street and asked her to return to his room with him. Whatever the case earl got lola into his room alone and in typical gorilla Willemin fashion? He strangled her with his bare hands. Hid Lola's body underneath his bed then then went to sleep in the morning. He left the boardinghouse logging his bedroom door behind him. He began to wander the streets of Winnipeg looking king for his next victim. He found her that very same afternoon. Emily Patterson was inside her home cleaning when Earl Nelson spotted her through the window. Unlike most girls victims emily was not a landlady. Nobody knows how earl- got inside aside the Patterson home but once he did he strangled emily. He then violated her body and stuffed her corpse beneath her bed. Aw Earl stole one of Emily's husband suits seventy dollars in cash and emily's golden wedding ring. He left the house shortly. After and began wandering laundering. Winnipeg once more. When Emily's husband William returned home that evening he was wrought with worry? His his wife was nowhere to be found after several hours of searching William finally decided to turn in for the night. He knelt down beside his bed at eleven thirty PM Liam and prayed to God asking that he helped him find his wife once he finished praying. He stood his leg caught the sheets that covered the side head of the bed as the sheets lifted. He caught a glimpse of his wife's sweater underneath. He knelt down once more to see the horrific side fight of his wife. Brutalized violated and dead. William contacted the Winnipeg police as he described the crime to the police. They immediately immediately knew who had committed it. Tales of earls. Horrific crimes had traveled all the way to Canada long before he himself had actually arrived the stories of a roving killer where the first of their kind and the spooky nature of a murderous drifter fascinated the public even internationally using a description of earl from American newspapers. The police set out to find him by speaking to shopkeepers. Passerby in the area. They traced earls movements movements back to Catherine Hills boarding house when they told her about the man they were after. She initially didn't believe that the charming Christian man she had allowed into her. The home was a killer yet when they checked earls room they found fourteen year old. Lola Cohen's corpse rotting underneath his bed with the guerrilla man's identity confirmed and his alias discovered the Winnipeg police acted fast. They sent word out to the public warning them about a dangerous American loose in their province. People sent in tip after tip effectively tracking earls movements for the police. The police recovered or oh five miles north of the Canada. US Border Earl. Al- surrendered to the mounties using a fake name and complied with their every request. They initially doubted that they had captured. The right man as earl was so cooperative however his first night in jail he picked. The door was cell and escaped into the darkness. The police found him the next day and his escape had proved his true identity to the police beyond all reasonable doubt. They had finally captured the gorilla man himself so as the Canadian police began to question Earl. They allowed officers from all over the US to interrogate him as well. Well officers from California Oregon Washington State Iowa Missouri Pennsylvania and so on connected earl to their various areas unsolved murder cases through I witnesses and objects earl had stolen from crime scenes. The police suspected earls involvement in twenty twenty nine murders but earl denied his involvement in each and every one the end the evidence against him was enough to declare him guilty of twenty two the killings however. The Canadian courts only prosecuted him for the murders of Lola Cohen and Emily Patterson because they were the only two murders that had occurred occurred within Canada's borders. They declared him guilty of first degree murder in both cases and sentenced him to death by hanging coming in the. US law enforcement was satisfied with earls Canadian trials and left him to the justice of the north. After all a criminal the middle could not be killed twice at. He had already received the death sentence. On Friday January Worry Thirteenth Nineteen Twenty eight thirty year old Earl Nelson was led to the gallows. They allowed him to speak his last words. Aw he cried. I'm innocent. I stand innocent before God and Man I forgive those who have wronged me and ask forgiveness of those high of injured injured. God have mercy. They placed the rope around. His neck led him to the platform and at seven thirty. Am they pull the lever. earls neck broke rendering him unconscious as he hung from the rope. It's squeezed the air from his lungs than a poetic twist of fate. The gorilla man died in much the same way as his victims. Over the course of seventeen months Earl Nelson murdered at least twenty one women and one an eight month old child. He was the most prolific serial sex killer in American history until the crimes of Dean Coral were discovered in nineteen seventy seventy three. Nearly fifty years later Earl Nelson was also the first American serial killer to get widespread public doc and press attention his crimes and the terror they struck in the hearts of the American people. Were only the first of a dark and awful pattern Toco as such earl Nelson is credited with igniting. The American fascination with the serial sex murderer earls killing spree even Vinh inspired and Alfred Hitchcock Film titled Shadow of a Doubt Hitchcock's personal favorite of all of his films earls mark on American pop culture culture was deep and profound and while the gorilla man may be dead and gone his dark and awful legacy lives.

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