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This country during the housing crisis in the banking crisis, going back to 2008, so we're gonna give you another $2 million so you can start up Venture Capital Fund for bad investments. Oh, please. And now you have the corruption with Gamestop and Robin Hood. It's other corruption. Why is the fallacy of build back better? Here with your host and moderator tonight, a global spiritual revolution radio. On the W. R 17 AM Network, The Voice of New York Bishop Mary Gators. Another $48 million. Was sent from the United States government. That would help. Get this disconnected. Tunisian youth not feel like that. They have a problem. Women it. Wait, Wait, wait, wait, wait. You got you. Listen. Excuse me. The bishop is fighting a viral infection. Use telling me that the United States government Who on Lee gave each and every American is $600 check. But they earmarked the nation of Tanzania A $48 million check Why to help the government of 10, Xenia. Helped disconnected tens. Indian youth not feel like a problem. This makes no sense. New Yorkers If this makes no sense, But this is who you voted for. Joe Biden build back better. $3,250,000 Was spent by the United States government. In order to send Russians Two American community colleges for a gap year. This makes no it's just this is this is madness. It's beyond madness. American people are losing everything, but we sent $3,250,000. To the government of Russia. Helped Russians To mature kya late to American community colleges during a gap year. Oh, please. Vladimir Putin doesn't have any money. You telling me the government of Russia doesn't have any money. To support young people to attend American community colleges for a gap year. This is government waste, but this is the fallacy of build back better. We got about six minutes left, and this is her own going series that we will continue on for the next few weeks. Here on Global Spiritual revolution radio. The fallacy of build back better. $200,000 was earmarked. For both the government of Pakistan and the government of Afghanistan Wide will we sin? Both the Pakistani government and the Afghan governments to a $200,000 check. A $200,000 check was earmarked to set up Listen to this New Yorkers. They set up book clubs for Pakistani and Afghan kids. All you can empty. This makes no sense. Build back better. $700,000 was a remark from the swamp in D C from of right and left left and right to heads of the same snake. $700,000 check was earmarked. Again to the nation of Tin Xenia. Why? To subsidize tensy me in chambers of commerce women. They're so we sent the government off tens. India Last year in 2020, a $700,000 check in order to subsidize the tens of million Chamber off commerce. This money went through the State Department. New Yorkers. But this is what you get it for. You voted for Jo, sleepy, creeping biting, who cannot remember his right hand from his left foot and it takes him five minutes just to lift a pin. Joe Biden has signed 40 executive orders. Since he took office. Wait 19 days ago. Why? Because the left, including the help of the right Wants to destroy the United States as we speak. The thought was CIA build back better. We spit $1,557,083 on what To pre determined How fast a lizard Could run on H treadmill. You have got to be kidding me. American people are dying because of this pandemic. Mothers and fathers are committing suicide because they can't feed their Children, but we have a two tier two party system. That is unsustainable. But yet we're Cindy. $1.5 million. Through the National Science Foundation to predetermine how fast a lizard can run on that treadmill. See this is the corruption that President Trump Has been talking about for the past 45 years. This is the policy of build back better. And my conclusion. This is gonna blow your mind right here. And I want you to look at this because this is absolutely going to make you sick. 19,999,869 $69.19,999,000. 100 and $69 was spent by the United.

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