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I it it to by any stretch means free agency isn't even opens yet and they already got one of the best free agents on the market by uh you know they can get a trade instead um so it's it's an interesting place there obviously both high usage ballhandling guards but as i say i think that they're going to be able to work well together because they've got that uh prior connection mike tony's one who always says you know he if he could get five guys on the court who could all dribble past and shoot all the better and i think these two guys they're both unselfish they know how to make place for themselves and full teammates it will lessen the burden on harden it would give them the ability to have an elite point guard out there for forty eight minutes the game 'cause you can stagger them um it it it pushes them ahead it doesn't necessarily elevate them to the warriors levels to wants to see what the next move this howard from the cooper standpoint say blake griffin is not with the team what's the future post chris paul well i mean if if blake griffin also leave you're talking about a complete rebuild obviously need younger jordan has been an allstar center but you can't build a team around younger jordan you know you can rebuild a team around blake griffin if he can keep keeping the healthy which is the challenge for them but blake blake griffin highly underrated as a pastor and playmaker this is a guy who when chris paul is out in recent years blake griffin has racked up the assists as the you can running up its threw him uh we know he's a great score athleticism obviously you know you roads a little more with every lower extremities injury and he's had many but he's still a monster attacking the basket is still a very good midrange shooter and and they say great playmaker um so you can you can rely if he's still your guy um if he leaves.

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