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Not only my mom's instruments, but her incredible record collection that from my memory for memory ranged from Judy Collins and Woody Guthrie. All the way to Rolling Stones. Led Zeppelin Otis Redding. Sam Cooke, Does that all sound right, Mom? Yes, absolutely. And this may be out of turn, But I don't think I've ever seen you as frustrated as we had to. We had to leave our our childhood home. For a while because things got bad we when we came back. The one thing that was missing from our house was my mom's record collection. Mom, I don't think I've seen you that upset. This day. Yes. And the only record that was left on the shelf was blood on the tracks. Bob Dylan. Yes. I think the title was supposed to mean something. It was it was. Yes. I think it was sending a message. Very a long winded way of saying her. I had access to that collection and finally again when I had put the final scratching her one of my mom's covered it albums she got she would she do? She went to Radio Shack and got me a small turntable small speakers and said here. You know, Here's some lunch money, Get yourself start your own collection kind of thing. And here's a few of mind that Since you've already kind of had your way with you can have those ones as well. So the music from my mom music I was hearing in the music store than my mom's personal collection and then my personal evolution. Towards music. The grew through my formative years into hip hop solely hip hop for a good decade. All of that. Ends up being Some part of the sound that I make. Ellen. How'd you feel about hip hop? When Ben started listening to it? Did you feel like you understood it? I don't. I don't know that I understood it. I think it took some time. But again, you know, taking a page from my mother's book that I would never censor what he what he read or what he listened to. The list. But let's also say Mom and W A is a lot Further out. From Bruce Springsteen or Leonard Cohen. Then the birds were from Woody Guthrie. So it it challenged the sense. I mean, that's that's all right. That's that's true, and there was a certain amount of violence or misogyny and Which bothered me at the time. So would you have conversations about that? Gosh, Ben did. I don't think I really really did. Did we? I think religion or what? You wanted to listen. I reflect that back. Conversations I try to have with my teenagers. So if you did, I hope you have better luck with me than I expected. Hey, Uh, I hear that Let's take a short break here and then we'll talk some more. If you're just joining us. I have two guests Ellen Harper and Ben Harper. Ellen is the author of The new memoir, Always a song singers, songwriters, sinners and Saints. My story of the folk music revival. Her son has been Harper. He's a Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and guitarist, he wrote. The forward to the new memoir will be right back. This is fresh air..

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