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Theo opening weekend off the NFL season. We will have an Eastern Conference final set. You don't know who Miami's opponent gonna bait is Sean and BJ this game there for the taking, but no one's taking it. 66 63. Boston by three back to you. Kevin reminds me like when I was younger, and I tapped the gas gauge, hoping, hoping that I had just enough to get home and that's kind of what we're watching with these two teams here in the second half. You just keep waiting for one to get away as we've been saying all night, Sean, I just don't think it's gonna happen. Both of these teams played two aren't even know the offense is not pretty. I think they're going to find a way to stay within striking distance of each other free throw good for Marcus Smart out of the timeout. The three point play now gives Boston 20 points off 12 Toronto turnovers the lead for now for the Celtics. 67 63 Raptors and White Jersey white shorts should be the left hand lead taxi lorry puts his head down Tries pass socially lays it up and in off, the glass just almost disappears. And then you see the ball go open in third time. He's gotten to the rim, and it's a good idea. Sean Toronto has missed their last nine Three point shots going back to the end of the first quarter. Goodness smart around the angle screen by ocean right side of the floor. Hesitation picks up the dribble outside ocean pop shoots for three. No good lot of rooms just wouldn't go in. Powell's got the rebound for the Raptors. 67 65 for the lead Van, late wing right for drinking and the champs are back on top. Late late late third quarter, There's a run of nine straight, Mrs Fred Vanvleet. Made the last one lead late in the first quarter. He finally makes the next one. It's a zit you whispered in his ear from up here a minute 25 left in the third quarter, Walker trots to his left back and forth with the drivel now with the left hand toward the left sideline. Pitching catch with those really, to get the dribble back. Walker drives with the right side lane. Mid post jumpers Good Kemba Walker. Now maybe started to heat up to Lowry one in Walker. The other 69 68 lead change here with a minute to go in the period. Mangle right, dribbling below his knee caps to tap on the vans lead deep. Three off the back of the room. No good. Tip. Rebound by Siachen finds power now to Ibaka. Left Wing three's long goes over the Iron Road off the glass, by Tatum by Serge Tatum has four straight double doubles Team three and rips it off the left angle Tatum coast to coast Basically 72 68 Nicks telling his team. Hurry up like Get a two for one opportunity over half a minute to play in the period. Lowry from the right wing jump past one of the rooms. Power quarter less three. Ripped it as Walker flew by and defensively Cool. Cool. Cool for Norman Paul. One point game. Tatum wants it up causes in the centre Jump circle needs to take this shot. Shot clock nine game down on 10 Tatum between the circle Steam straightaway. Three off the front tire. No good rebound. Ibaka. Gotta hurry. Hillary, three at half Court to one shoots a leading left three off the right side of the backboard. It was spinning in the air. Unable to finish, but it was a four point game in favor of Boston. The start of the period is down to one here at the start of the fourth, one point, neither one getting away from the other. They've been together for a long, long time. What's the fourth quarter? Gonna settle up? Are we gonna have extra basketball.

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