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Talking about the Super Bowl had some heated discussion about Carson Wentz continuing to monitor that will play you What chef? He had to say. In a little bit, Gara follow, said a Knauer. So go to that. There's nothing imminent there, but we said nothing imminent. Yeah, like that's I don't know. Chris and I were talking about this a little bit just a second ago, but this was from what two hours ago from NFL Now on the NFL Network. Careful. Oh said no indications right now, Of course in one straight is eminent. Everybody playing poker as the Eagles wait for an offer that's to their liking while the Bears and Colts explore their options, okay, it seemed like a little bit of Ah head Shawn Kerr follow because he said that Cold. Some bears are interested in other quarterbacks to And by the way, there is bears news. What's what's the Bears now flip has been elevated to quarterbacks coach and passing coordinator. Passing game coordinator so good. It's just more to confuse on who who's calling place? Well. Well as the guys were saying behind the glass during the commercial like, you know, you connecting those dots. Flip was with ee goal. No, I know. And he was there when Carson Wentz had good success. Again. I'm gonna get a lot of things. You get a third round pick. Here you go. He goes. You want it? You want it? You want a third round pick? Like and I have no delusional feelings coursing through my veins that if the Bears keep the 20th overall selection that the brain trust up there is actually going to hit a Just even call it a ground rule double. Okay, let's just call it a double. Let's put the bar where it needs to be based on previous performance. Like there's like no guarantee to me that they're gonna hit with 20. I'm just telling you, I'm not giving up. Give it up a bunch for for a guy needs to be fixed. I'm just that that that's my biggest thing. Yes, that that is my biggest thing. Yesterday. I I tweeted during the game. So Bruce Arians won the Super Bowl. Okay, if you remember the story in 2013 the off season of 2013 before the 2013 NFL season. This is after lovey If you remember the Bears fired Jerry Angelo. They hired Phil Emery. But of course, because they're stupid up top at household there like Fill your GM, but you've got to keep loving. All right. We know he's not your guy Try to live with them for a year. If you don't like him after a year, he could fire him. So they go 10 and six They missed the playoffs after starting seven and one in Emory fires him, So you're mismatched already from the beginning with the coach and the general manager. So then philandering leads the way with the interview process along with George and Tad in the room, and they have the reigning coach of the year. In the interview, which at the time was Bruce Arians. Syrians was the offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts. But that's when Chuck Pagano was the head coach. The same checkbook. Donahue was just the D. C here for the last couple of years. Propaganda was diagnosed with cancer. He leaves the team and they surprise everybody under the leadership of Bruce Arians. So you got to see an offensive coordinator, be the head coach, something you're not used to seeing, and he ends up winning the coach of the year. So then the Bear's are down to two in the 2013 offseason with Phil memory Ted Phillips and George McCaskey. And it's between Aaron's and Trustman. And you may have heard this or that. And that was my tweet. That was my tweet just to remind her not guess Matt Forte last night tweeted the same thing and he was on the team. Tweet was you know in we could have had Bruce Arians, but we elected due to higher Mark trust like you just laid out too. I mean, here's a guy that had a very story, you know, resume a very impressive revenue. He was the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers with Ben Roth was Burger and he coached Roethlisberger hard to get the most out of him. He coached lock hard. Get the most art out of him. And a lot of people thought it would have been the perfect marriage between him and cutting but that's neither here nor there. That was the thing. I think a lot of people understand. You know, as I watch Bruce Arians get all my point was We had areas and we had transmit and we chose Trustman when the obvious choice was Arians, and here are some of the responses. Okay? Most of them were favorable. But I get in this and just just wait. All right. This is Twitter, Okay? Why do why do you constantly bring these things up? We all know it. Now. You're just trying to be mean. Please stop with pair's history. I think I'm gonna cry. And then Mark Trust men's daughter like that, and Marc Trustman is daughter, Kate. I didn't know that Mark Trust men's daughter was going to see this. That wasn't my intent. I wasn't trying to despair and she liked it. No, She liked the comment that Williams said. Oh, I got you other people. L an A o Arians is not even a good coach. They won because of Brady and Todd Bowles, and I think that's what trust means. Daughter to the point. She sent me something to the effect. She responded to my tweets, saying. You know, Arians didn't do anything until he had Brady and Nick this one guy Nick, who's called the show before and he kisses the Bears, But all the time tweeted to me settle down. He didn't achieve blank until he had Brady. Do you? First of all, Do you understand what the tweet Woz Tweet Woz. Bruce Arians isn't what is the greatest coach ever. The Tweet Woz we elected to go with Marc Trustman over Bruce Arians. By the way. Bruce Arians is a two time NFL coach. The year two times two times two times two times with two of the worst franchises in the NFL to he's had success. Tampa Historically bad I know he is Brady Arizona. Don't forget the way he changed the landscape in Arizona. I believe they want 10 or more games in his first three years. Um and and went to the post season there in Arizona. He was 49 30 and one right, Right and again, this is into just bring up Well would areas have been could hear what areas have been bad here? This isn't to retry Bruce Air Ian's This is this is why it's important gang. And this is important to follow you like, Oh, check game is why it's important gang. Listen up! Follow the bouncing ball here, everybody. Okay, This is why it's important..

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