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What's nor Turner played four five got to get to the eleven for a first down. You don't have to have a touchdown here. But you definitely have to have the first three to set. Check it three by one three receivers. Glitz. Combing Newton throws a fastball complete over right? There are no flags on the field. The right side. And it wasn't there. In the middle. Redskins. Hold on. Moments later, the final score would be Washington Twenty-three Carolina's seventeen boats in here along with Jim Zochi. And now we bring on the line as we do at this time on Mondays the voice the play by play voice of the Carolina Panthers mic. Nixon happy Monday MC. I'm feeling like, you know, it's not the end of the world. It's not the greatest result. I think the Panthers need to pick up and as Bill Belichick would say not to Cincinnati. But what move onto Philadelphia Philadelphia? Yes. All the Philadelphia. Yeah. That seems to have worked kinda well for for that outfit. Yeah, philosophy. It was about I don't know midway through the second quarter. I was thinking a lot about dermatology. I don't know why I was thinking, you know, I think contact dermatitis. It looked better than this football game. Omar. But. Actually. So was I. What? You interrupted his let's say, yes. So as I. Dermatology was where I was even thinking a career dermatology might be. Might even be more fun than this. But I love being with the guys and we have a blast on the broadcast and following the Panthers. But it just felt like the Panthers were in this dream, and they were in running in foot and a half of water and couldn't get couldn't get any momentum. I don't know we I think all of us had a feeling. In fact, we said as much on the on the air, Bo that that the Panthers might might have a chance that the Panthers might even lead. And again, we weren't saying they were Panthers. We're gonna win the game. But we felt like an uprising was was going to be there. And sure enough, the grit digress. Gristle the Panthers show to get get a loss. Easily been thirty four to ten if the parents are said rolled over. So it still hurts today. But I think there's some good things moving forward. Particularly the pass blocking the player that offensive line yesterday. I saw some jobs on in this morning. I can forward these to you. You're looking for analyst not get a let's not get a groundswell of. I I agree with you three turnovers came early, and it might have been me of the three of us has said not many teams win at negative three. Takeaway not that the game was lost at that point. But that meaning that now the defense is gonna be special probably get some takeaway special teams up to do something extraordinary, but they didn't. So it's one of those games where if you're gonna do that early? You've got to be really good for the rest of the way, while they were better the rest of the way make I mean, it's just almost a script in the NFL. If you're minus three minus four in the giveaway. Takeaway almost never a victory you this. That was one of your me yesterday. And you're so you're so right. I mean, it's almost black letter law. You lose the giveaway. Takeaway game by that degree Washington. One time of possession. They had the ball for almost thirty six at a game, sixty minutes. Eight panther penalties. No missed extra point. Although the Panthers did chase that extra point. And got it back with a two point play the crazy play when it was Washington to see what was the three point game Washington. Third and twelve out of field goal range offside Panthers. Third and seven script sack but the ball pops into an alignment fans for Washington he rumbles for five still not a first down. But in field goal range. Now fifty six yard field goal. Boom. And then that meant the Panthers would need a touchdown and not some Graham Gano heroics to tie the game. Or to take the lead came down to their offensive lineman ran better than our offensive guard when the ball was in their hands. Well, van Roten's got to work on his his running. I mean using the. Reminder seven unacceptable. I mean, we appreciate the fumble recovery. But they're guy like he ran like you said fifty six yard field goal range. So there's that. And also we're now Owen one lifetime in regular season games when wearing the white jersey black pants combo. Oh, yeah. So these are all things have mattered. Well, it's it's it'll football coaches. So you were kind of kidding around. I mean, you're right on your stat. But we all. Don't don't affect the wins and losses, but football coaches are so stressed and so tired all the time. So nutty that we may not see these unions again under coach, Ron Rivera. Let me ask you about the NFL at large bigger deal to Mick mixing that the LA Rams are now six or is it a bigger statement last night that the patriots come back and win that game in prime time against Casey. But why do you do this to me? Do you want third choice? Let's talk about Jacksonville's uniforms yesterday in Dallas, let me again. I think the patriots. I mean, they're closer to us. They're everything they do is scrutinize the Rams have gotten the Rams for a couple of years. Now had a talented roster. They got this very young doogie howser head coach, and and a lot of excitement going on in LA, but that's way out in LA. So I think that the patriots did what they did last night to Casey. Put up forty three points. And then Tom Brady says afterwards. Yeah. That was a nice nice Casey quarterback. They got. But we we hadn't played our best football yet. It resonates around the NFL. I just have a moment and in radio time that means about thirty seconds make we were talking earlier about our bandaged point the broadcast booth in Washington, not being the best in fact, maybe possibly being the worst. You were the one who called the numbers as you were seeing them with the names attached to them. What your thoughts on the viewing of the game from Washington's press box? We should point out that we should point out. That herald Hamrick tweeted about his displeasure Herrell Hamrick, and I are already on record on this. So you're you're not like, it's you by yourself on this whatever you have to say I thought he was in. He looked like he was in a bad point the third quarter like. What's wrong with us? What our our belief in Aegina, Robin. I we didn't mention this on their nobody really cares. I mean, just call the game. If you've got a scratchy throat, if you can't see the yard lines, or whatever there's thousands of people that would love to be calling the game instead of us. So just you know, just tried to do your job. But that having been said. It's an abortive effort on Daniel. That he got us in that corner of the endzone. We're not even in the end zone. We're way in you. Gotta work just to see the end zone, and where's where's a home? Larry Michael radio nowhere near us. Right. Oh, no couldn't come over for his visiting voice segment because it was too far from his fifty yard line luxury. Come down to the ghetto. And so what's the takeaway from this segment that the view from the booth where the Redskins play is enough to make daydream about dermatology? Seborrheic caritas. Wavering. It altogether mic. What else can I say? But thank you very much. Okay. Fine. Forty forty-three on.

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