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High school athletes are also more likely to develop good. Eating habits high school athletes, not only have stronger bodies, their self esteem, self confidence and self discipline are strengthened, too. So inciteful parents aren't asking. Is it safe for my children to participate in high school sports? Instead. They're asking. Hey, what time is the game tonight? This message presented by the Minnesota state high school league and the Minnesota Interscholastic athletic administrators. The world. We're gonna may. There's a sweet. Every room. Phil. With things from. A million six forty eight on my talk. One seven. Jason lex and dawn. Alexis told you please. Be aware of spider webs. Yes. That's right. The spin their webs want that crap. Nope. You don't want any of that. Nope. No. We've gotta get the professionals in their get them out in the first place, again, a love your debts started. But turn the, the headphone on us like oh, God. What did she say? And then I heard you say spinning silk, and I thought, oh my goodness worse. Where she going those this much talk about talk about all those little fun facts about those little critters pets. Don't let them come in even in the first place said create a barrier. Barrier. Those critters have sex. Oh. Because I want to get too little house little lex on the prairie but, but killing even plus we don't do spoilers here the valley. In the same segment. Let's do one, one minute of killing you go ready. Go, let's go first. My thoughts. I loved it. I love the sexual tension that they've been playing with for both seasons. Now in some ways, it reminds me of castle. With the tension between Beckett and castle. And I really hope that they don't break the tension because once they did that in castle. It kind of just ruined the whole show for me. So I'm hoping that with killing even they seem to be sticking with that, which I love, but I, I really wanna know what's going on with their bosses is their motivation. They haven't really answered that for us, and what are they doing their canoed alling? But why? And I hope that, that gets answering and resolves. Yeah. At least figured out, more for us. I'm having a hard time connecting why they what their motivation is. But maybe that's part of the mystery of the show. But the two main characters Villanova and, and eve, they're just it's electric when they're together on screen. You just don't know what's going to happen. It's so good. I concur with everything you just said this season. I know they've had some, some critics haven't liked the season. They had a different show runner come in a high. There was a sophomore slump at all. It kept my interest, mainly feel by the performances of, of Sandra. And Jodi colmer these are two actresses at the top of their game in any time there on the television screen together, basically just squat P. I I'm just so excited. I'm like a puppy. I love these two so much together ending. Oh my gosh. Don't we have to wait? Say anything more, but the ending the last five minutes will kick your butt let cliff hanger will kick your butt. Yeah. It will six fifty one ladies and gentlemen. So excited Don this favor. Here we go. Yeah. It's time for little lex on the prairie everybody episode six season. What what happened? The love of Johnny Johnson. He's a new kid at school. These fifteen. He likes to LASSO things. He says that she runs real good for a girl, which I was like. Real good. I saw your Instagram who runs real good for girl. Laura does complimentary in the school yard because he's Lhasa wing the little syracus thing. And so she's he's running around. He's like you run real good for a girl, and I was like, oh, no. Laura has a little little crush. He is boy struck as they say in the show. But here's the kicker, he likes her older Sister, Mary. Blind. When Mary, she's very smart. So this kid, I guess, isn't really catching on at school. So he asks her at one point, if he will help, you know, be a little tutor for him..

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