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Yeah she was kind of maybe like coming around a little bit and then because demolish that and then she she broke off. Yeah and and the think. I think on the surface people go. Oh it's not that evil. They're just showing the girls what they would want to see right. Which is which. I think is true but you know like teddy kissing during the dare. You could argue i. I don't know it's fucking reality. Show there there are no ethics here. Yeah exactly that's why the other part is like. Yeah they had to fuck it up. Yeah like these people don't really know each other. Yeah yeah jake liberty. Are you know if you if you factor love island time like dog years okay. Maybe they're six months into a relationship but these vulcano each other so there's really no consequence to this shit they're doing and it. It was messed up to have them talk with the same time. I mean she does a bullet. I guess like definitely what's about the the worst thing at a beyond like what he did. The worst thing he said was when he's like when she kissed her three times. I wanted to focus the difference when this three. I'm like ed's it's three time year times more than one. It is pretty bad Now and then when he was like oh she's just making it sound worse than it is. It's like nah. I think actually did a pretty she. No she embellished a little bit for some of your date. She definitely embellish a little bit. And that's not really that cool like talking about how in bed he wasn't like he was pretty like all right usually on your side. I'll see my mind. Yeah the only pass i gave there was. Maybe there was stuff that wasn't in the edit. Yeah that's true. But maybe you know i feel like they would have used it. Yeah yes they wear their mics and shit when they go to see. Yeah so if he really said that why wouldn't they show that. That'd be great drama. So maybe she did embellish some of it but the rest of it. I think she did a pretty straight line job leah. He did kiss her three times and he was used has netted out. Yeah yeah it was. That was the best. That's the best liked thing they say to try and justify it after is like i just needed to compare the two. It's an another thing you'd never say to a girl you're like. What are you doing. You had to had to compare her to you like dude. What are you saying. Only love island brainwashed you into saying some dumb shit ab test. I just wanted to see. She uses like a little bit less tongue than you. Which honestly i didn't like because i love how much tongue you you after i slob down her face. I knew your face was for me. Yeah exactly she gives way better head though that you should definitely work on because after testing both i'd say i like her knob game her. She's a real knob head. If you know what i'm saying is we're talking about getting getting knocked off rafe. She gave me no. Nope knobs meal. Did she give belen prov. Another an account from glasgow. Listen as like. May i'm cringe. Changing guys were take another quick break.

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