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The bible is unified story that leads to jesus and talking about how that's a paradigm for reading the bible that we really wanna unpack and were unpacking it. Slowly and actually seven different attributes of this paradigm. We've done the first two which is at the bible is both human and divine and the secondly that the bible is unified literature. This third attribute is about how the bible as messianic literature. Big fancy word that you don't use every day unless your bible scholar. Suppose but we're gonna we're gonna get at it and with me is tim and chryssa. Hey guys hello so. Tim you wanna lead us through. What do you mean what do we mean that. The bible is messianic literature. Yes we spent the last few episodes talking about what we mean when we say the bible is unified collection of diverse literature but that is unified and one of the ways that we said. It's unified that we spelled out a little bit in the last two conversations. Plus two podcast episodes was that there's a governing story that unifies the that's being told from beginning to end not always a straightforward linear way. Sometimes the story will pause and double back. Recover parts of it or go back and focus in on certain things but there's a basic governing story. There was even one video that we made. Because the first words of genesis in the beginning and then in the second paragraph of the revelation the narrative ends by saying and they rained forever and ever Referring back to the image of god on page one which is god bless them appointed them to rain. Let them rain a so. There's a governing story and that governing story is what we're referring to this point we're just going to focus in on the unified storyline of the bible. Which is what we're calling messianic. The story is messianic. A story about the messiah. That's what the stories about. There's been a lot of things right but what is it mainly about. What is it mainly abou- yeah here. It just raises the big question of. What does the bible about which will give us really significant guiding lines as to what it's four and what you do with it. The backyard kind of three unhelpful approaches or paradigm reading the bible. It's a theology dictionary and organized as such therefore. I read it as a dictionary. That's one an awful paradigm. Another is immoral handbook. And i read it as such or the or no the spiritual grab bag virtual grabbing devotional grabbing so each of those assumes an approach to the bible based on what it is. And so what we're saying here. Is that what it is is a unified story that you could say about them. Messiah but that itself foreseen ask like what. What does that mean. So that means we'd read it in a different way than we would if it were a moral handbook and it would have a different impact on us. Yeah that's right. It's a simple point that i think massive implications to one of those kinds of things. Okay so before we get into what the messiah is. Well maybe we have to get into it to answer this question. But i'm just curious why you would say it is. The most important part of the stories with the story is all about. You could say. The story is all about god ruling the earth humans You could say stories. Yeah that is messianic. that is messianic. Let's get into it. Here's the definition. Oh yeah we wrote a sentence. It says the story of the bible. And all of its main themes come to their fulfillment and jesus life death and resurrection and the gift of the spirit. And the okay right. Yeah because everyone. Every time we write a theme video we isolate kind of one kind of interesting motif going on in the story of the bible and we trace that every single time it comes to this climax in. Jesus whatever reason jesus is like this. Gravity had every theme just like russia's to him and then threw his life. You see the theme come to some sort of fulfillment and then in his death and resurrection even more so and then through the life of people follow him so what. There's some like gravity to him. Yeah and that's what you mean by messianic. Yeah that's right. That's right so a couple of simple places to turn to come start this conversation. Are you question this way. Why should anybody care about collection of ancient jewish literature. And what does that have to do with anything. That's a great question actually. It's not obvious to anyone why you should care about the hebrew bible. Why should you care about more than you care about egyptian total literature shakespeare. So one one way to think about it is If i am following jesus or i could do. I use the word christian which is a english word. Christ follower spelling a greek word. That is the greek word for messiah. Oh that's right. The word christ is the greek translation of the hebrew word. Which is the word messiah. So even if i'm a christian means i'm a messiah person messiah person and why would i care about hebrew scriptures well They were huge significance and importance to the person i think as the messiah and that is jesus of nazareth. So here's a story about. Jesus us from the end of the gospel of luke. Luke chapter twenty four this one of these stories where jesus appears surprisingly to his followers after he's risen from the dead and freaked out. They think he's a ghost at first and then he's like hey. Do you have any fetched. I'm so hungry right now. Just took it out of me to raise on debt so hungry snack so what he says are the people in the room and he says this luke twenty four forty four. These are the words that i was speaking to you..

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