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In all states or situations. el Centro Jack's new Starkey three oh WCCO they're still scorching hot in many locations throughout the country accu weather dot com meteorologist tethers there has the latest high temperatures are still going to be well up in the nineties along all the Gulf coast states from Texas all the way over into the southeast including Georgia and all but the South Carolina all of portions of North Carolina that are still topping out above ninety as well which is pretty far above normal now as we're getting into the end of September in some cases it'll be about fifteen degrees above the average for today it's also going to stay on the warm side of been to other parts of the mid Atlantic and we're looking for then some cool weather as we start to get into cloudy and rainy weather across the northeast from a front that's working through that region highs across New England and the northern mid Atlantic will be mostly in the sixties and seventies the sixties and seventies will continue back into the Great Lakes and the Ohio valley and up into the upper Midwest on the backside of this front although those areas in the west are going to have at least some sunshine we are looking at the tail end of this front that extends down into the Tennessee valley and then back into the southern plains causing some showers and thunderstorms but not much in the way of severe weather at least not once the strong storms that are on going in eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas this morning diminish which will be as we head into the daylight hours we have a lot of tropical moisture streaming up into Arizona and surrounding areas we're going to continue to see that today into tonight with the possibility of flooding as that rain continues that's the nation's weather time accu weather dot com meteorologist others Aaron this date in nineteen sixty the first ever debate between presidential nominees took place is Democrat John F. Kennedy and Republican Richard M. Nixon faced off before a national TV audience perhaps the event that gave rise to the expression. never let him see a sweat. twenty three tell today on the Hollywood minute Jurassic Starz's return first this is America in the morning I'm John trout the reaction to the memorandum detailing the president's call with the president of Ukraine was predictably split along party lines Jerry bowed lander reports the first document to service was a five page rough transcript of the president's late July phone conversation with Ukraine's president it showed that president trump past presidents Lynskey to work with these personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General Barr to investigate former vice president Joe Biden at one point the Ukrainian president talked about being ready to buy some anti tank weapons from the US and the president replied by asking for a favor appearing with the president in New York so once he said they had a good.

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