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Freedom of man get inspired the museum at the john f kennedy library colombia point boston wbz fmhd3 boston at cbsbostoncom this is wbz news radio 1030 the news watch never stops the news watch never stops cbs news i'm jim chenevey at the first baptist churches sutherland springs texas i cried so much i don't have any tears loud sunday school director and montgomerie one of those who gathered at a monday night vigil for the twenty six people killed in sunday's shooting spree corresponded steve futterman has the latest officials here now have no doubt devon patrick kelly they say killed himself freeman martin is with the texas department of public safety eddie third gunshot wound which the medical examiner described is being consistent with the and self inflicted act gunshot wound was to the head kelly had earlier been shot in the leg and torso by a local resident who was responding to the rampage at the first baptist church officials here are now looking into the possibility that the massacre was triggered by domestic dispute possibly involving kelly and his former motherinlaw steve futterman cbs news sutherland springs texas the airforce now says it needs elected to release details about kelly's criminal record to an if fbi database that might have prevented him from purchasing guns in seoul south korea let me a pop to welcome president trump at the blue house she's on the second stop of his asia trittin correspondent stephen portnoy is there in recent months the president is called north korea's dictator little rock at man at warned the kim regime they won't be met with fighter and fury but here on the korean peninsula mr trump has so far refrained from using that fiery rhetoric in fact meeting with commanders in an army base south of seoul he spoke of things working out always has to work out in japan yesterday he said it would be something very special if the north released its captives steven portnoy cbs news with the.

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