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And welcome to the monk dialogues project of the Peter Melanie Munk Foundation presenting sponsors, Gluskin Sheff and the onyx corporation. My Name Rudyard Griffiths and I've had the pleasure over these last number of weeks of spending an hour with you every evening to talk about the effects of covid nineteen on the broader issues and trends that are shaping our society and tonight. We're have a real treat for you. He's a writer and author. A bestseller books from around the World David Brooks I've read them regularly as you do in the New York Times. On the PBS Newshour where he comments on, American politics with great sagacity, teaching, Yale and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences also doing some really interesting work with the Aspen Institute around his Weavers Project that we will get into this evening so. We. saw each other December here in Toronto and the monk debate stage for your buck debate on capitalism. It's great to be speaking with you virtually this evening. It's it'd be back with the monk community so pleased while great. David as I said, the purpose of these dialogues is to kind of stretch our minds into the future and try to think about how this pandemic is affecting US individually, but your expertise also is partly thinking about things in the context of community, and how we act, or don't act as a community in the twenty first century confronted by technology confronted by our economy. Confronted by our politics and the divisions within them. So what do you see? David is lasting implications lasting impacts of this pandemic on our politics. Maybe specifically our attitudes towards government I'd love to hear your views on that. Yeah I take a maximalist view on how much this is going to affect us, you know sometimes a big event happens, and it doesn't only a temporary effect in the US. Nine eleven had an effect on people, and they went more religious attendance. They more volunteering gave more blood, but that only lasted nine months and after. After that everything was back to normal on the other hand world, war to the people who grew up in world, war two, era had a very good sense that we work together, and that was true in Canada in the US. We work together. We can trust each other. Social Trust was very high in both countries, and now added sixty years that whole mentality, and so the reason I think this is a big event and we'll have a pivotal effect is not only a tragedy disaster. That's hitting us, but is hitting us in the. The middle of a social crisis we already had a social crisis. divisions, a rich and poor divisions, white and black, all sorts of social divisions polarization, and so we had this earthquake, and the earthquake happened, and then the pandemic hits us like a hurricane, and so it's a hurricane in the middle of an earthquake, and the hurricane is coursing water down through the ravines that were already split open, and so to me..

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