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Call seven eight triple eight zero zero zero zero seven eight triple eight zero zero zero zero as in zero pain. Let's get that done. Okay. So that's it. It button d that'll turn Rokon, Anna. Devante sin from studio. A high guy. Thank you for John. I prefer to be turned on and turned in. But that's just me. You say about that another alderman we have today. Yes. Exactly. Richard just talking to me about that off the air. What's the latest on that? Fraud, and the alleged police report is what they object destruction of Justice. We need somebody to do stories about Chicago aldermen that are doing their job correctly. And legally and a good guys and gals funny. You should mention that Brendan Riley is going to be out with us and claim he's doing all of those hope. So really if you said tell me, what do you think of Chicago alderman? I think they're all crooks, and that's that's not fair. But that's I think what a lot of people feel because that's all the time. What you hear more brand new will be here at three forty don't tell them. I said that I will. And then Ben bradlee, we'll have the latest on pro gel. Yeah. When when the guys got like like, kind of a double nickname thing going. California trouble. I remember I got a fight on the air once at pro-jo. I remember what it was about some municipal initiative of some sort. I thought was stupid, and he was a genius move. And so we got into a little bit of a tussle. And then I heard from his people. Hey, you know, knows very powerful guy. Really? Okay. You know, what put that writing for me? I'd like to see that. What is the location? No. A guy like a buddy buddy is somebody has whatever I got this call as they don't mess. Joe? We really kinda do maybe you're going to need to go to the joint relief institute after they tune you up a little bit saying, I wanna mess with an alderman because quite honestly. Homey. Don't play that here in Chicago as stupid. Yes, homey. Don't play. I don't play that. I don't need to get my garbage picked up. Do I do? But I'm not worried about it. Well, you guys have a really fine programs say hi to the alderman flying. Thank you, Steve Cochran show celebrates valuable person on the planet. Weekday mornings at seven twenty seven twenty WGN. Chicago smart speaker users just say play WGN radio and tune in perma-seal basement systems brings you Kim. Gordon's news, mostly clear, seventy-one O'Hare, Chicago police are questioning four people in the disappearance of Nineteen-year-old Marlin Ocho after a body was discovered at the home on west seventy seventh place Ocho was nine months pregnant when she went missing last month. This story is taken another twist DNA testing proven a baby that allegedly was taken to the hospital the same day Marlin disappeared is hers family spokesperson. Cecilia Garcia says they're praying for a miracle saying the baby infant is brain dead and on life support..

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