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Being a realtor and running running team are as different as climbing a tree and swimming in the ocean. They're such different beasts and that's the reason why i think most people stumble symbol when they transitioned from being a realtor and a high producing real leading team is that they'd be bring people along the pick up their breadcrumbs and <hes> i've had fortunately i was designed from the beginning to care more about leadership than i was about sales and transactions and that sort of thing my my background is i spent about ten ten years in the ministry of before he got into real estate fulltime and caretaking a people and being less you <hes>. I love that you needed your south south. That's performing ninja move. We spread move so leadership was what i was naturally accustomed to. You and i didn't know how to be a businessman. A lot of business people in sales people know how to do that and they don't know how to lead and so for me <hes> every day is about the refinements of my leadership but even more so scaling leadership and developing those other people in my organization i am not interested in followers interested in other leaders and so now hatch realty essentially runs without me. I'm here to cast some vision and still teach our leaders but the day to day interactions and if you're joe blow buyer a-rated you're listening agent you don't have any interaction with me and so i've had to scale that we had to build that trust had to <hes> figure out how to do scaled leadership on a big level and that's now giving me permission to go out and build and i have eighteen companies as today that i'm a part of tenor investment groups so those are those are just you know you give it some money and you have have some strategy behind it and then you got to touch it for the other eight or active in all a part of the real estate industry <hes> so i own ownership in a moving company and a mortgage company and <hes> aw a marketing company and <hes> coaching company and a closing gifts company at all kind of interbred with one another while and and so is your real estate company feeding those individual and a different side businesses i would say <hes> are real estate. Company company is the proving ground for it and it's the place where we trial and error things before we offer it to the rest of the people and <hes> so i coach i my real estate team before i started coaching realtors around the country and now instead of starting with people at the bottom said who who's willing to pay two hundred bucks a month to coach i started with like my top people and i am in the rates network radio and television experts and in that group has the top performers in almost every market and what a boiled down to was this is a whole bunch of people wanted what we had. I wanted to say that they had they wanted the culture in the retention and the energy in the community impact that we had and so i was able to come in and be a coach for leadership for hiring for developing because that's what we've done exceedingly well l. and that's just a natural byproduct that we've now sold more houses because we figured out that peace and for most people they go in and they say how can i sell as many houses as possible yeah and then we'll get caught up on all those other things and we've approached differently. We said let's be really great to our people and then we're going to move on on will sell more houses <unk> more wealth when we do it that way. What's interesting. I i've never really heard that from any other like mega team or our owner before. Tell me like how does that work like the the specifics of it like you invest in people before the growth and that impact act grow so i think the real estate industry is broken <hes> to be honest. If you're going to be a new realtor on a team or even even on your own. The average buyer looks for twelve weeks and there's gonna take six weeks in escrow so if you're lucky enough to have a buyer on day one which you nobody is is <hes> after four months. You'll get your first commission. Check and that'll pay your licensing and your class and everything else and so in order to get into the real estate. You have to have a either a sugar daddy or sugar mama yeah trust fund or massive financial irresponsibility yeah and those are those are the things that get people into real estate had the last one i had the last one i i was young and i was dumb and i had no aclu so yeah yeah i get a completely i could smell my own from alloway. That's awesome and so as has we've done this now. We've changed the on boarding process in our world. So if you're ever going to start in our world you start as if you're an agent you start either as has a showing partner or listing partner which means your salary and you have three primary responsibilities. Your primary responsibility number one is to leverage the agent that you're west breath. The second is to train and develop and the third is to generate and so we have a breeding ground for people to sharpen their sword and end to come in and so we're emphasizing everything about camaraderie leverage teamwork and we're building skilled leadership within it because our agents who are in production action are now leading these people here and it's not me as the overarching rainmaker that has to have twenty new people that come into our worlds in fact i i i know a a lot of people in this industry that are like we're gonna we're gonna bring in twenty people and the tend that make it are going to be great and and for me. That's not my fit. No shame in that game but that's it's not our fit and instead. We say if we're going to give a salary if we're gonna pay this person x. Amount of dollars a month we have a responsibility to up to train them exceedingly well and set them up for long term success and so i've been doing this now <hes> this this hiring program for for for partners for about five years and every person that we've ever hired mosul with our team but those that aren't are still in the business and doing exceedingly well right and there's there's the scarcity mindset of what happens if we train people really well and they leave us and my question my question is this is what happens if we don't train people really well and they stay with us and so we have this commitment to servant leadership mindset that from moment one when somebody starts in our world while we're going to give them the keys to the kingdom and we're going to equip them to have massively huge success and so we're going to pay them to train. We're gonna pay them to learn and when they've proven that they can feed themselves from spear deals and for being accountable for the team we then graduate them as agents into production so we in fact have a six year career path daniel that has age of starting out if they hit each metric they have a spot with us for at least six years and the turnover for people on teens means usually two to three at most and so to give birth that was a good lunch smack on the good stuff but it's not smell of mission but it should be <hes> here's <hes> here's the insider trick. Is that the agents that we have in our world. I heard ben kinney wants say that if you wanna have navy seals you have to have a navy and so we use our bench we use our partners who are in training and leveraging superstars as their breeding grounds to be navy seals my listing my listing agents average eighty to one hundred transactions per listing agent and my buyer it has averaged sixty to eighty per pareja and so these are top performers of industry period and yet they're on my team and i have the privilege of leading eating them and we're creating leadership opportunities for them where they have the responsibility in the impacts were self feeding them a lot of business from our essays and giving them a world of leverage and given them a world that we don't think that they wanna leave because we're continually raising that glass ceiling. They don't run up run out of opportunity in our world and that's been the whole change. I'm starting to ramble here. I think it's at least worth pointing out that we as a team have had to continually find the way to make this the best possible place place for a high producing agent to exists and for me. I'd rather have one headache making high producing agent who has a massive massive amount of talent and potential than trying to pull along five agents and get them trained up and hope that they know what they're gonna. Do maybe two or three actually workout. I'd rather rather the author problems of a superstar than the recycled button of people because for me. This is a relationship game and i want to give everything i have opt to these agents that are on my team right what okay so. Let's break that down. I'm kind of curious like when you say i want to give them everything that you have avenue and then you say you have to find continually find ways of the game and give more value like walk us through that over the last five years annually what have have you upgraded and how have you added value to your five to ten people who are closing sixty two hundred deals yet <hes> it started off we we'd hire them and those folks that started with us back in two thousand fourteen five years ago. <hes> we had is as working for that and i train them myself so immediately. They were trained by somebody who knew like twenty thirteen twenty fourteen. I individually sold one hundred fifty houses offices each year on top of what our team was doing so <hes> i had shepherd my sort and i knew what i was doing and they were fortunately getting trained by industry experts now. I never knew much about real estate in fact up until a couple of years ago. I didn't know that drywall sheet rock were the same thing because i know nothing about houses <music> nothing but i knew i knew a lot about people and connecting and listening and serving and so i would teach them that so the value proposition five years ago go was get trained by industry expert but it's not like here's a week of training now go and do it. This was an everyday role playing sharpening the soared. I'm invested in one on ones and continued to scale their business and i knew what they wanted and where they wanted to go not just their big wide but even the the depth and the the juice behind the big lie. I wanted to know why they wanted to make two hundred thousand dollars. A year. What they were going to spend the money on the data they have their life the problems they were having with their spouse and everything between ashed business and personal together because i get so excited no yeah i can hear it <hes> and you're you're a fast talker like me so <hes> you just there's a ninja skill alex paul care seals tells you can call it whatever but when you set an asian down walk me through the questions you would ask in order to discover their desires dreams. What their frustrations are there worries like. How do you have that conversation where they just tell you. Everything and you have a real connection to be a great leader means that you need to be a great listener i and so i would simply ask the it's about what i say. It's about how you feel when you're with me and if i'm going to be a great leader for you daniel i'm going to ask. I think really poignant questions so i'll say daniel what's important to you. <hes> and what does success look like at the end of this year for you and you'll say i want to sell fifty houses. I wanna make fifty thousand dollars something like that. I'm like that's awesome. Why and we think that there's like these really fancy scripts and the script of tell me more and why right and keep going and what does that mean like just active listening and understanding so if you wanna make one hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year why hi and they'll say well. I want to buy a new car and i want to buy a new house. That's so cool. What kinda car do you want to buy. I wanna by tesla sweet. Why do you want to buy tesla well. I really care about the environment awesome. Why do you really care about the environment well. My parents were like you start pulling back the layers the levels and by the time the conversations done <hes> and this starts in our hiring process and we see it all the way through and how leader as we're going win <unk> our goal is to get to the emotional stuff that people don't have a rehearsed answer for so if you think about it if you're interviewing interviewing. I'll say like who's the most important person in your life. You're gonna say well my mom's the most important person in my life because i was raised by a single parent. She was everything make for me. Most of us take it. Stop right there. But what if i said daniel <hes> what was it like. What did you see your mom does seem apparent <hes> and how was that for you growing up without a father and notice i didn't bring up your parents you did and now you've given me permission to start peeling the layers of this onion back and i'm gonna find out what you really care about and that you don't have rehearsed answer for and when that rises to the surface you have real connection.

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