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The wall street journal ed the wall street journal the using chronicle a houston man has been arrested after being accused by authorities of trying to damage or destroy a confederate statue at a houston part with explosives cheer about this federal prosecutors said today twenty five year old andrew andrew shumek had been charged with attempting to maliciously damage or destroy property receiving federal financial assistance which would be a ago veteran statue authorities say the houston park ranger on saturday caught mr her schneck kneeling near a statue of richard dowling and lieutenant the confederate army located herman park in houston prosecutors say mr sch neck was caught with two boxes with duct tape and wires with the bottle containing a liquid made up of compounds used as explosives while by the way the same guy received five years probation after pleading guilty in 2014 to improperly storing explosive materials what a peach what what what what a what a wonderful sounding guy there violence is not the answer related jomon unbelievable 501 four three three zero zero nine two i with mike huckabee and donald trump on this you know of your if your local community wants to vote to take the statute down than that's that's all you man it's it's up to you whatever you want to do but the violence in the van vos massa stop bill in jacksonville your newsradio one or two point nine karn what's up all its violent crime anger i can be back to an all black and white malaria foul when i was down all the behavior stood dale while and mayo and the robot was there to make sure the earth was destroyed epa guy if is also holding on the last eight with fanfare by it was set the earth grupo galactic later an incentive for europe is intent on destroying it fell gore well uh breeders her plan after a burned out founder yeah and uh every day ressentir your show and all of our anger it doesn't matter where it is as always on saturday odor and now it if the democrat pkk hey y'all why they all player oh yeah everybody take a a worry for awhile will most people do most me lawyer elect american or years my birth and trump they're a job debbie knife wjr's well my most most people do you know you go on the grocery store.

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