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Strands of the hour. I gotTa say we love to do is hug him. He was very swimming. He's just a sloppy drunk to you. Missile yes you have found us. I am the of Rock and roller welcome. We survived a weekend. Did we survive a weekend? I don't know the weekend you okay. Well welcome to Monday. January April twentieth. Is that right? Allie it Oh my God. It's four twenty. Let Me Look at my four twenty music over here let me. Let's play this right here. Yeah dedicate this to all those there. Who are puffing in passing on league backup in his a DP. Jc My attorney LDC yet. We hooked him back and when they bang the next baby. You've got to keep it low. Joe Get and then the party was she got into fact looking at me strange but you want to step up in just talking. We'll take some detail. Put it down in the jets. Come back get back. That's the part of six. If you believe in you know with the King of the preach to.

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