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You hope to get tickets for her renaissance world tour. That's your money now. I'm Jim chesko, northwest news radio. Seattle's loss is New York's gain, Bill Schwartz tells us why the world's best female basketball player move coast to coast. It's a sad start to February for faithful Seattle storm fans and anyone who loves basketball at the highest level Lloyd nice back door there to breanna Stewart. Gets the bucket and the foul. For 7 years, Brianna Stewart elevated her game to league in Finals MVP, leading the storm to two WNBA championships. With that kind of cachet, stewie became the top prize in free agency and picked Gotham over emerald city. Well, it's been a roller coaster of emotions for sure. And I decided to go to New York because I want to continue to be great. And I want to go to the place where I can continue to help this league become better to continue to raise the standard. On ESPN SportsCenter, Stewart says the chance to play in the planet's largest media market is attractive. I feel like why not go to the biggest market in all of sports. Where better for Brianna to push her agenda for equal pay and treatment of female athletes. She's lobbied the WNBA to allow players to travel on private charter flights rather than fly commercial. Stewie grew up in Syracuse, New York at ESPN analyst Rebecca lobo says the liberty of stacked their team for their first title run. She is a winner when you keep in mind that the New York liberty is the only original franchise yet to win a WNBA championship. Liberty fans have to be so excited about the possibility of how soon that's going to come. Now that they have Brianna Stewart. In Seattle, stewie was part of the storm's big three. In New York she joined Sabrina UNESCO and John quell Jones on a so called super team. Super teams in the new thing. As you can see, so we're just trying to make sure that we're as good as possible. We have all of our boxes checked and like I said, when you look at the talent, there's a lot of amazing players on this roster and we're gonna, we're gonna go after the championship. The Seattle storm still have jewel Lloyd, but with Sue bird's retirement and now Brianna Stewart's east coast move, there are huge holes to fill. I'm Bill Schwartz, northwest news radio. Northwest traffic from the high performance homes traffic center. I'm looking at a new problem in Kent, some slow traffic on westbound two 48 streets and accidents and 94th is backing up traffic onto 36. I 5 north and 5 road work has the two right lanes closed from 54 supporter way until 2 a.m. Tacoma to Seattle traffic is looking really good on I 5 north 31 minutes and Tacoma on I 5 north roadwork has the road year one 67

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