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Also testifying today a state department employee who says he overheard a conversation between yesterday's key witness and president trump David Holmes is an aide to William Taylor the top diplomat in Ukraine home said that he was sitting near eighty one basket or Gordon song one last July at a restaurant in Kiev I could hear him speaking to the president who said over the phone so he's going to do the investigation referring to Ukraine's president Vladimir Zelewski Sunland replied he's gonna do it adding that silence he would do anything you ask him to home said Simon later told him that the president did not give an expletive about Ukraine and that he only cares about big stuff like the bind an investigation bill ray Cobb CBS news Capitol Hill the democratic presidential candidates focused on the impeachment hearings at last night's debate in Atlanta experience also would tap topic one of the most seasoned Joe Biden on MSNBC I haven't brought people together my entire career in the United States Senate I passed more major legislation everybody on the stage combined one of the least season south bend Indiana Merope footage at Washington experience is not the only experience that matters here's a Washington experience on the stage and where are we right now is a conference police in San Jose California say a gardener found a homemade bomb in some bushes in the student parking lot at Oak Grove high school school was evacuated the explosive rendered safe classes scheduled to resume this morning the insurance institute for highway safety wants to make car tests at crash test tougher because so many car makers are passing with flying colors the good news is more vehicles are getting good ratings in crash tests we know that there are still people being injured and killed on the roadways in good rated vehicle so they have to raise the bar says Institucional researcher Becky Miller that could include increasing the speed of side crash test and using a barrier that better reflects an SUV or a pick up Jeff Gilbert CBS news sixty years ago this week native American activists began what would become a nineteen month occupation of Alcatraz island the San Francisco Bay and eight of American rights funds John echohawk clear after Alcatraz was occupied the press three nine eight states in nineteen seventy for the first time I announce that this policy of forcing assimilation and termination of Indian tribes was over allowed tribes to take over.

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