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Oh, shoot. You know what? Dennis shooter is not a bad player. Not a bad player. And frankly, I think he's a value on the contract that he's got right now this season with the Celtics. But you turned down four years 84 million from the Lakers. You're saying the contract wasn't in front of you or whatever. Okay. But you turned down four years 84 million from the Lakers because you wanted more than free agency and wound up happening. We talked about this, talked about it a tender in the off season. There were more point guards than there were landing spots, four point guards, more point guards on the market than there were landing spots for them and the music was going to stop. The money was going to dry up and somebody was going to be left out at least one player. That one player ended up being Dennis Schroeder. Four year JD 4 million, I thought, might have even been an overpay for him, and again, I don't think he's a bad player, but that was a major mistake and it's led him to the Boston Celtics. Now obviously he had those choice words about the Lakers after last game. That the infamous graphic that a certain media company put up about the Lakers with Dennis Schroeder doing the walk off interview tonight, not his night, one for 6 shooting. So they'll revenge game for Dennis Schroeder and he gets the master lock. All right, let's see here. Somebody said we should be thankful. He didn't sign with the Lakers. Yeah, look, again, I thought that was not a great contract for Dennis schroder. Think it might have been looked at as a bad deal, had he signed it so okay. Maybe he helped the Lakers out in that sense, but again, there was just not smart by him, but the upside to doing that to testing out the waters and free agency. It's not that high. Not that high compared to the downside, which he found the downside really low. Big difference in terms of what he had on the table or the metaphorical table and what he actually wound up taking. Somebody said the free throw difference is crazy. You know it's talking about it. I talked about that a little bit, said free throws. 29 attempts for the Celtics, 15 attempts for the Lakers. Now, some of this was the Lakers were just fouling. When they weren't playing good defense, they were resorting to fouling and that's something that Frank Vogel will not be happy about because he is a big no foul coach. He wants you to defend and wants you to defend hardy..

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