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This one's George and that one's go. Now feel their rat. All right. We're back. And now it's time for us to jump into our daily debate. I'm pretty sure you all know, which we're headed with this one. So it won't catch you guys off guard. But here we go. Today's daily debate question. What do you think of the suspensions? Habib number good made off and Conor McGregor received today for the roles in the UFC two Twenty-nine brawl choices guys fair to both cubby fair but Connor unfair Connor fair, but Koby unfair or unfair to both. What do you think damn? I wanna do fair to both with the caveat of like fair slash somewhat. Don't care because let's be on us. We could pick back and forth between who started a what and whatnot. I think people. I mean, I'm sure that the poll results when we get to it. We'll we'll agree that people won't agree on those those middle two options. So for me, it falls on the opposite tooth either fair unfair for me, and I say fair because what really are we using the judge by? I guess, you know, this is technically a sport, I'm using air quotes here, and, you know, athletic commissions, you know, govern our sport. And I use governed for air quotes as well. There's a lot of air quotes going around is what I'm saying. A lot of this is a dog and pony show. I think unless they come in overly or under league, Regis, there's really not a room for a lot of us to complain. So for that reason, I'll go ahead and say fair does I think it was fair to both. I mean, you don't like it. Don't start a riot. Right. Pretty simple now come down to that. How do you feel bad for them? I don't understand right. Didn't break out though. I mean, you know as close to contain. It's not supposed to. Yeah. That's not on the back of your ticket lookout for people throwing chairs or jumping out of cages, you don't expect that if you bring your kids, you don't have to worry about that. So I I don't feel bad for these guys. I'm sorry. It's fair fair. I just don't do. I think it's Connor fair hubby on fair. I just think to fifty would have been good or even ten percent, which is two hundred thousand five hundred thousand seems excessive. I feel like he made a mistake. But that's one fourth of his short money. I don't think they're supposed to take an consideration. Hey, I already made seven figures off the paper. That's not a y'all's business. It's what was here, and I had to turn into galanga imbo. Yeah. I could see that..

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