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Order when you go to solid go pet dot com slash wrestle that solid gold pet dot com slash wrestle. We'll talk about the The comment that the magazine and the TV need to look a little more. Like in the minute I I do want to ask. When when he describes you sort of running this rough draft over to events he says you have no spalding? 's and that you're one of the many yes man that vincit surrounded himself with for decades your response. Well I would have to go back to the fact that a it was there that long and be the fact that Vince McMahon and I usually disagreed on most things especially when it came to the business and creative ideas ideas. And that's why I stayed around for so long because I did disagree with this. However if he considers that after the two of US argue it out and the owner of the company? Your boss says makes a decision whether it's your idea or his idea. He makes a decision in a direction to go. I supported Vince. McMahon and I supported the boss wants. He made that decision. So that's being a yes man then. I'm yes man but I fought tooth and nail for my ideas years. I fought tooth and nail for other people's ideas with vents. But once you leave the room in a decision is made. You don't go behind people's backs and say like well you know what. Hey I had this idea and the old man hated it. But I'm in your corner buddy. That's not what you do you go out this. This is now our idea and this is what we're going to do and it doesn't matter what your ideas are. Vince is idea was what matters is the idea. And the direction action that was decided upon and move forward. Rousseau wrote that eventually McMahon started a call carve off more and more responsibility. What's ability including ham producing the localized promos for the individual talent? And he says before he was able to produce talent. Vince wanted to Put Him with blackjack Lanza sort of maybe a bit of a mentor of how to handle the boys. What's the strategy putting together an old timer and the young upstart like Doc? This well Jack. Lanza had been the one that had been in the in the rooms working with talent on a daily basis for the localized is interviews. And Jack was that longtime producer. So you've got to learn what the hell you're doing. Rousseau never produced television in his life he had never produced talent in his his life. So he's got to learn somewhere. And that was the starting point for Rousseau to start learning how to work with talent and how to produce talent works for television best so put them which Act Lanza of in that framework so that Rousseau could start learning Russa's pretty complimentary to some of the legends in the business who are helping the company in a backstage capacity at the time whether it was bob back land or chores. Animal stealer even Dutchman tail but I found that sort of interesting because he comes after you and even Jim Cornet for saying that you have these antiquated ideas. But he shows so much respect to these other legends. How do you reconcile all that? Well I think that they were different. We were probably a lot more outspoken Okun than the legends. If you will it we were also kind of the same age group. So the fact that we weren't his elder her Probably he had less respect for that. But the fact that I'd been in the business since I was ten years old. Same thing with Jim Cornet. We had a lot more experience and a lot more tenure in the wrestling business than he did. But it was a difference of opinion in my opinion More than anything anything else eventually. Russo starts to feel like the company is a bit of a sinking ship. He describes the fake razor Zor and fake diesel. I Dunno shenanigans as rock bottom. And he's so frustrated with this. He Calls Kevin Nash to see if maybe the spot for him in. WCW Rousseau's working without a contract here. So he eventually has a conversation with Eric. Bischoff where he just asked Eric for an opportunity. And Eric offers a seventy five thousand dollars a year position but before accepting. He wants to at least have a conversation with Vince. And thanks. Maybe I should try to have like a warm-up conversation with Linda just sort of feel out the process in the middle of that mating. Vince walks in and says that Rousseau is selfish. When do you remember hearing about Rousseau maybe testing the waters in WCW? And how did McMahon. Explain that meeting to you. Well it was 'cause again as you said Rousseau testing the waters and that that angered Vince McMahon Employees which Vince Russo was. We didn't have contracts so if you were an employee you were an employee and you didn't have to have a contract Pretty much you could leave of your own volition or if you were fired. I don't believe we had any non competes. We didn't have anything at the time so Russo was tested those water seeing if there was something else out there. I don't know that I guess you would know a lot better From talking there at Bischoff if indeed roussel was actually offered a a position I. I don't know that to be true but I do know that it. Anger Vince McMahon that he was leaving looking before he came to Vince. McMahon said hey is there something more I can do. Let's fast forward. Of course Russo doesn't leave he sticks around and by March of ninety seven raw magazine Israel hitting its stride and he calls a meeting. He being Vince McMahon Pronouns Pal and in front of everyone says that the show sucks and the show should be more like this and slams down the latest issue of the raw magazine and Russo would right with that one statement. I rose above all all the creative brass sitting in that room. He would continue man. I looked into the eyes of Pritchard. Ross and Cornet that day and I've never seen such hatred. They had to be thinking thinking. How did this guy pull this off? I'll tell you how by being honest and not playing anybody to get there by own merit and by just playing the game aim smarter. Do you remember this meeting. And what are your response. What is your response to Rousseau's comments here? That he was just better in the he had one the. What did he win? And again I go back to. You know if he's playing games. We weren't playing games. We were doing our job so it wasn't about playing games and I remember that meeting vividly the shows did suck and it was also at a time where I was looking for someone to come in and help us and Vince. Russo was one of those people that I was pitching for to come in and help us take some of that burden off of us to throw some fresh ideas in in there. Okay not the traditional wrestling ideas not another old school wrestler. Want somebody with a completely different outlook. which rich Russo had so I saw that and he did have a completely different outlook any sometimes? His approach was a little rough. But that's okay to by was as well but looking at him with hatred there was no hatred there at all it was okay. Great whatever for it is whatever it is to get Vince off of the fans and to get some change and get something different. Going is is good. I like when people talk about well. WHO's idea was okay as my ideas? His ideas her idea doesn't matter if it's a good idea. It's a good idea if it's a bad idea. It's a bad idea you ask. What did he win? Rousseau wrote that he won. You're spot on the booking committee because you were out out at that point and you were since talent relations. So Vince McMahon's dining room table. Had Vince McMahon. Jim Cornet and Vince Russo. All I did win my spot in any way shape or form. Let's talk about facts. Okay and what took place at the time. Jj Dylan Dillon. Left the company abruptly. Jj Dylan was vice president talent relations. Jj left abruptly left a huge void in talent relations with no. I want to step into that position. Vince McMahon made the decision to put me in that role. I didn't want that role wasn't good at that hat role to be clear and didn't WanNa go there. However Vince want someone that he could trust and he wants someone in that position that he we knew and then hit that also knew the INS and outs of talent relations? That's what happened. My role and talent relations didn't didn't allow me enough time to do both. And that was how Vince Russo. One that position Wind Shit Ha. It was moving. I'm I moved from here over to here. That's what happened well. I can't wait to say that you failed at that and you're only talent relations for a few weeks before you came crawling back because Vincent had to give that job to someone else. What now? Oh you are a man on an island with no country and you had nothing to do. So what better to do than to just sorta stir up some controversy. He says that you went to him and called them into into your office and said people in the office. Don't want to work with you. Nobody and he wrote he even went so far. Ars the name names again. Not Believing a word of this ploy. I questioned who everyone had spoken to Bruce. Everyone flat out denied the allegations locations. who was lying and who was telling the truth so he says you feel super threatened? Now that you've been kicked off of the booking committee you've been kicked out talent relations and now you're trying to you know sort of say. Hey nobody even likes you. Vents your response. So what the hell was I doing. Then because I was Intel talent relations from nineteen ninety seven until two thousand actually I was in talent relations from nineteen ninety two to two thousand but still That's aside the point now. What Vincent is making reference to there was an roussel got on the the writing thing was helping vents right the television show so he was Kinda running roughshod over a lot of people and particularly in the magazine in at the television studio? Vince McMahon came to me and said Powell. He's your buddy. You're the one that brought them in. You need to rein him in a little bit damaged. I'm getting people. Oh come to me and I think it would be best coming from you to talk to him. And I was blunt didn't sugarcoat it NASA events. You know you might want to ease the way that you're talking some people. Here's here's the feedback that I got in my feedback was directly from. Vince McMahon. I am now I did name names because I don't like you know when you're in a situation like that well who said that. Tell you who you said it. Russa went confronted them. They denied it to Vince. Russo had we had the opportunity to say. Hey everybody getting the same room. Including including Vince McMahon. And let's talk about it. I think it would have been a completely different situation. I was the fall guy my role in my position for so long I was the Asshole I was the bad guy I delivered the bad news. I was one that had to have those conversations with people but in that particular one that came directly from Vince McMahon and that was feedback that he had gotten from. People and Vince felt that it would be easier and be better matter. If I delivered that to Vince Russo. And I was able to. You know. Say Hey man get your shit together. Do this do that when he went confronted. People know Vince. I would never say that. That's human nature. That happens every day in every business all over the world. Well what does is a happen is when two people dislike each other as much as Vince. Russo in Jim Corr Nat Rousseau wrote in his book. That these guys just never got along. He felt like coronets ideas for twenty years too old. He.

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