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Tell us what business war stories you'd like to hear it you're interested in reading more about this topic the author recommends a pair of articles he drew on for this episode the first is david woman's 2016 profile of rob strasser from the july 2016 issue of portland monthly magazine the second is a 2013 article by espn's darrell row val it's called how nike landed michael jordan i'm your host david route matthew share wrote this story karen low as our senior producer in editor sound design by bay area sound executive produced by martial louis and are non lopez poor wondering <music> right <music> from wondering and incongruity media a show about the true heroes who put their lives at risk to keep us all safe and free like the first time i went there was very scary second time was second time to terrify i i can't you can't put it in words how difficult it was to be looking for these roadside bomb did not knowing where they were in knowing that people you've known have been killed by them his his bravery i remember them telling us that we should look around our unit because to at least five marines in our unit would be killed this in his heroism the dea that people that we know are dying and they're going to put us in jail for it this is patriotism you don't really think about it the ball like the possibility of getting killed because we were taken a one day at a time one patrol at a time this is war premiers march 13th subscribe now at apple podcasts

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