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I was actually football high-school. I wouldn't say i do not quickly four years of college small college football at hastings college and hastening the west but i gotta tell you my father my oh fun playing football. My father was really fast. They clustered from the track team and tell them to come out and play football. He said okay so they put him. In wire receiver sorta had him on a route. He ran out. They threw the ball tour. He calls the bowl and blow boasts fine stan. My daddy got blasted. Nude it up now. Boy i gotta tell you my dad was born in nineteen forty two so he plays he's playing football in like the late fifties maybe to maybe nineteen sixty so this is not like we're quitting and helmets and all they semester. My dad had a chance to show. That's the only thing he kept from the uniform so he got blessed by db face jam-packed. This is practice bow. They said in my office also confirmed. My father got up and i'm gonna tell you exactly as they said they said he took. All the everything lifted right is on the field only chinstrap new here and he really walked home and never came baseball football. I never laughed so hard when they told we're sort of not mad at him. This all stops now. I'm not doing this anymore. That was hilarious. That was the best one this left it all out on the field. They're literally left it on the field yawkey. Have it right. That's all it. It is y'all have it. I have had enough what why are you still here. That's quest as if it was peewee football when they lengthened the pads. Yes why why are eighty of us still. Do this also love the fact that by bads expedited they started with. I never quit. It was good my pops. He would just past belated desma. Thanks so much for joining us here on the right. I'm gonna do this thing a couple times a week. Mamane gave bassein zane handles everything behind the scenes. Thank you sir also thanks to our sponsor butcher box..

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