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Jared LETO story of all time. But guys jared leto was in a twelve day. Silent Meditative retreat in the desert somewhere. And he's just now finding out about corona virus like damn. Okay Okay Jared Leto sure. Yeah that's that is what you do. That's what jared Leto do okay. He tweeted quote. Wow twelve days ago. I began a silent meditation and the desert we were totally isolated no phone no communication et CETERA. We had no idea what was happening outside. The facility walked out yesterday into a very different world. One that's been changed forever mind-blowing to say the least. I'm getting messages from friends and family all around the globe in catching up on. What's going on and quote? Yeah I mean yeah I mean jared leto. Twelve days silent retreat in the desert. Just now finding out would corona viruses if the lobster didn't break my brain. This one is breaking my brain. It's so funny to me. Also sidebar is jared leto. Just like addicted to doing colty. Things like doesn't his band have their own Colt and now he's doing like a weird twelve day. Colt thing in the desert like jared. Leto is addicted to being in a Colt. That deserves a deep dive. One of these days. I'm going to do a deep dive on that. Maybe he'll make a powerpoint presentation about jared leto being addicted to being in a colt and maybe the roots of it come from him being in the movie fight club early on in his career. Really makes you think. Let's unpack lots to unpack anyway. My heart goes out to everyone. Who's texted Jared Leto? Hey how are you doing with all of this and getting no response for the past twelve days love? It love it. But maybe if you're friends with jared LETO. That's par for the course like Jared Leto. Just like is constantly dropping out of society. And you have to just be like. Oh It's classic jared classic jared. He'll respond in a fortnight. Thank you so much for tuning in to Celeb- news ride home. That's our show for today. Don't forget to Celeb- news stay home if you can if you can't then. Hey that's okay too. I Love Ya do what you gotta do. We're all trying to provide for our families. I get it. Hey you can follow me at Kate. Raft on everything you can follow our show at Celeb- ride home thanks to ride home media and my co producer and engineer. Jack Allison stay save. Everybody washer hands. Amal Clooney's sister. Tala is selling facemasks. But they're not medically certified okay so if you buy one. It may not work okay. That's it for today. Show leave US reviews on Apple podcast and tell your friends that if they're bored in quarantine and WanNa hear me rant and rave about celebrities to check out this podcast. Support your local broadcaster. All right. That's it love Y'all tomorrow..

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