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Responsible the mr. He's just one of those guys. Joe is one of those guys who i came too late. I knew he was. I was aware of him mostly through time in in tna. But he's one of those guys who you just believe every single thing he says and every single thing that he does and it just makes his character bulletproof he can lose a million times or win a million times and still the character is that character will always work because it's him it some part of him that he's figured out an unlocked and is able to communicate in a really really strong way. We all live in his secondary reality when he's cutting a promo or he's in the ring or staring at someone and that's special. Not many people can do that again. Like the rock and an l. a. night but even the two of them maybe the rock more. He's so intense that it's hard to believe that that isn't who he is all the time. That's how good he is. That's real real real special. Yeah i believe everything. He says yeah he could literally come to my house and tell me to do anything and i feel like i would probably do it. The you know it'd be like you wanna come down to the river watch. Some kids burn a car. Yeah shaw like why not. You know you're going to get into trouble and he's not gonna get in trouble. You're the one that's gonna get into trouble. She mom's gonna find out and you're going to be like joe said we should go down to the river and watch those kids not cau- well if joe toge bridge we do it and you'd be probably samoa. Joe yeah we already know which body part upon which i would like him to cut a promo so it's already been covered. The cat woman part. Yes that man can't do it. But samoa joe could do it. We're is it. Joe is one of the as one of those guys who made a name for himself around wrestling smaller stages throughout the country but then in two thousand five he signs with tna and he gets a tv audience and along with christopher daniels and thousand a few others essentially helps build their x division which becomes the the must watch part of the show. And then he feuds with.

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