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Nearly 900,000 people in Virginia have received their first doses so far. Another 206,000 have been fully vaccinated. When will kids in Montgomery County go back to in person learning? We should learn more later today. The latest plan is to have kids go back to school buildings and phases starting March 1st with special Ed Kids parent Elizabeth Hale was with the group together again and CPS. I'm glad to see that I'm CPS is presenting a plan that will finally start returning small groups of kids, but we should be moving forward more quickly to return more students. A spokesperson for the Montgomery County Education Association teachers union, said Phil wait until after the board of that acts to comment. Heather Curtis found W M A. L N w a l dot com In Maryland has a deli gets his voted to override Governor Larry Hogan's veto of a comprehensive K through 12 education measure. The bill would boost school funding by billions of dollars over a decade. The House needed 85 votes or three fits for an override. It got 95. The Maryland Senate will still need to override the veto for the measure to become law. It's the first of several veto override votes expected in Annapolis. This week. The Fairfax County governments trading in some under used asphalt for a better purpose. It's the outer ring of the parking lot of the Fairfax government Center. It's underutilized space. So we're going to explore putting it to a better use. Supervisor James Walkinshaw says. He's only seen that lot.

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