Don Macdonald, Iran, Tesla discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Time eight twenty. To get to our propel insurance money update. Tesla is investigating after video surfaced yesterday. Appearing to show one of the high performance electric cars bursting into flames surveillance video posted on the Chinese social media site way. Bo shows white smoke coming from what looks like a tesla model s parked in a lot in Shanghai. After a few seconds, the car bursts into flames secretary of state, Mike Pompeo is announced the US will now be fully enforcing sanctions against Iran and will be enforcing a zero tolerance policy against other countries. Importing iranian. Crude oil bomb said the length of the section that sanctions will that depends on Iran along we remain their ads depends solely on the Islamic Republic. Iran, senior leaders, let's find out what's happening on Wall Street. We check in with Don MacDonald. We'll stop prices are kind of flat today. They're not there isn't a lot of definitive movement anywhere. It's going to be a mixed market around the world and right now on hold on. Oh man to my numbers dropped right now. The Dow is down twenty two and a half points. That's about eight one hundreds of one percent to twenty six five thirty seven the s&p five hundred is up a little bitty tenths of a percent. That's barely up. The total market index is down three. The NASDAQ composite up four as you can see it's all over the place and local stocks. We've got Nordstrom down about two and a quarter percent this morning. That's a drop of a dollar share to forty two dollars and eighty seven cents. All right. Don, thanks for the update. Don, MacDonald hosts komo's talking real money. Saturdays at noon, Kierra has an update on traffic next. Komo news time, eight twenty one.

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