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Yeah just terrible, just terrible Aslam and again like it would if it was in like A. Funny Wacky Song like maybe it wouldn't be so bad but I don't know I. I feel like you had a real opportunity to do like a cool thing and then this could be a song you play every Halloween. Do. Yeah but that's It. But it's totally a second tier. Right this is not this is this is the one you pull out like ten rights because you're running. It on every compilation because there's just so many songs. Right right. Yeah. So I mean I guess at the end of the day it didn't really matter but I feel like again I feel like this could have been top tier. This could have been a ghostbusters. This could have been a thriller and he really misses he really missed listen you might say he missed opportunity but we'll get into it. He didn't really miss any opportunities. Trust me. All right. All right well. Okay. So there's a bunch more. Singing. There's a certain someone who singing. Voice Yeah but but you know they're like well, maybe we'll give this guy free rein to to to take over the song for a little while do some singing. So. I. Feel like somebody watching me and is I was like somebody's watching me I can't enjoy my T- 'CAUSE HE's British. Right. Yeah Let's.

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