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The ravens twenty years ago in fact he is joining us on the phone the Superbowl chanting my body troop Trent Dilfer so I've got about nine and a half minutes on this thing so I want to get to it Trent so we got into this discussion earlier where Jay Cutler had a great arm but I thought he threw a hard ball big Ben's got a great arm but he often throws it behind receivers are I know more homes is some god like super arm talent I think it's touch as long as you can make ninety five percent of the throws what you what what do you make of the term arm talent what invented it to be honest with you I don't like that and I start use on TV before anybody else about twelve years ago because I was really frustrated with that conversation I just left the league as a value in college guys rias pianos work with the lead allowed then I kept getting these conversations are care conversations with personnel people about arm strength and I was like I don't understand you know why arm strength is this big differentiator mocs quarterback that just got done playing I've studied the best guys I played against the best got eyes and wasn't always the arm strength that differentiate them it was some of the other thing about their talent and I was good with the GM a Superbowl GM or have this conversation he was challenged me on what is talent as the value we're looking at talent towing of it often the guard Thomas receiver tells a running back all of them be a player a baseball player lacrosse player soccer player what talent encompasses all the different ways about athletes and I said what we call their aunt Helen and by using the term arm talented thing he has a lot of different talent within his arm he can change the temple on the ball you can use touch you can throw it deep you can anticipate you can change arm angles and if we start user terminal valuations circles of our own that hopefully people are smart enough to differentiate between strength power right I I love Mangini's example the hammer right therefore encompassing talent that really shows that well this guy can do a lot of things throwing the football that's what arm talent was intended to be it's just been hijacked by lazy analysts the wanna use a sentence says sane arm strength if they aren't dealt with that was never the intent you played in Tampa Bay and I love asking people who have played in Tampa Bay yesterday asked Brandon Marshall about jet stuff because he's played there I always thought new England's culture was academic and intense I've always thought Tampa's talent was loose to lose for my taste not as urgent not as intense and not as serious I don't worry about Brady completing passes I wonder how his intensity will fit into the more relaxed champion who you and I were both there in the more laws a fair relaxed culture of Tampa do you think it fits well I agree with you that is typically the cap of proper mentality I think two things on this topic one you don't have a choice when Tom brazier quarterback did your mom comfortable is where you find great you can make everybody uncomfortable because that's great to see the growing pains and that there's any push back and that they are not a current group is ways all the time but guess what you don't have a choice he got a job on and fall on because he will drag it to a championship I do think there's another element on you know the spot yeah but there's another another part about camp and that's the east coast migration there are a lot of hard and its high achieving academic intense people that spend a lot of time in camp about box fan I think now they will they will gravitate to the box new mentality they will gravitate to Tom Brady and his intensity and they'll have a reason to be Buccaneers fan because he relates more to their hard edged mentality from the east coast yeah you know yesterday Brandon Marshall said it's an interesting use of words he said the Packers have wasted Aaron Rodgers career into that I would say winning super bowls there's no rhyme or reason Dan Marino and Dan Fouts and Jim Kelly were great with great coaches they didn't win it I mean who can explain it you know I like you lie I don't know if these two super bowls Grady lie but you want to what do you make of the the the the word Aaron Rodgers career in Green Bay has been wasted I think it's a little strong are you ready you can use not maximize instead of wasted I think you have a generational talent Aaron Rodgers one of the top five most talented guys there play the position very good leader to an intense guy hard worker tough guy you know has always intervals and they never supported him with one other defining trait with the team so they kind of put too much on him I I would argue the one common denominator in all these multi mobile Super Bowl winning quarterback is supported by a great defense work great defensive coaches coaching mine yeah I still believe defenses win championships and multiple championships yes the game is changing yes you need to invest more on offense but not art side of it but if you go back down that list that you went through earlier the common denominator there's support those quarterbacks were supported by great defenses or great I'm surprised people never give the great forty Niners changed enough credit for the defense where I grew up in the bay area Joe Montana's out Becky the base team source Roger Craig does Jerry rice Dwight Clark Brett Jones however those defenses were suffocating and it gave the ball back to Joe Terry Bradshaw gave the ball back to Terry Tom Brady Belichick Peters gave the ball back to Tom Brady Troy Aikman's defenses in Dallas gave the ball back to Troy Aikman so I would say the big western Green Bay was they didn't have the foresight to invest a lot of money into their defense I think they made the bad hires and coaching because quarter coaching positions they should support their better with a better deal I don't believe in purity in pro sports it's about talent not everybody's going to have my values I totally get it I just don't want him to be disruptive but I'd roll the dice on some people Antonio brown Seahawks ravens are mentioned your thoughts.

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