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Stood out then, but he was more, he still explores it, but he was way more as a youthful player, which is probably stands the reason. He was much more explosive. I think he's much more subtle now. I think he's just become a better finisher. And we often talk about, you know, strikers, there's a new era of striker where maybe the FSG model of, well, these hit 30 got to get rid of him, can't give him a new contract. If you look at those strikers that we've talked about, Ronaldo less or no, definitely in decline, but Lewandowski. Yeah, but Renato's also what 36? Yeah, right. If you're talking about 30 as the cutoff, you had a pretty good run after that. I would say. I'm not arguing that at all. But Benzema is in that category now of a guy where I don't care that he's 34. There aren't a bit many better finishers in the world than him right now. No, he just became the oldest player ever to register a hat trick in the Champions League. There's no sign of slowing down here. It feels like we're seeing the best version of him now. Speaking of slope in the space to do it. Speaking of slowing down, Luka Modrić, there was a moment in the second half that they're almost always in these high level games where there's something that sticks in your brain and it just encapsulates the difference between the two sides. And it's messy in a rare foray down the right hand side. Bursting away down the sideline and tracking him, relentlessly. Like a Croatian terminator. It's Lucca magic. Slides in, sliding tackle. What's Luka magic is not noted for these things. But the desire and the passion to get back and he whips the ball away and sends messy flying as well. And Ancelotti just nodding just nodding and satisfaction in the background. Wow. That was a moment for me. So let's go to the PSG side of it now. And you know, I think it's not an image that any of us got to see, but for me, the indelible image of this is what I picture in my head, the aftermath of this game, because you can just, you can sometimes get a sense of where a team is at mentally with sort of how they carry themselves in the immediacy of after a let down like this. And you mentioned JJ, they got trying to allegedly storm into the officials dressing room and pochettino. I raised crying. And then, meanwhile, that's going on because they're mad at foul wasn't called. But the guy who was involved in the play Donna Roma is in the locker room. Now, depending on what you read, potentially physically involved enough altercation with Neymar over that play and then done aroma is yelling at Neymar about his mistake after that. I mean, this is, this is just like an unbelievable meltdown on all levels. We should that we should be fair that the latest reports from both sides from the name are and the donner room camps is that that didn't happen at all and that was made up. Now, the fact that we'd even believe it would happen speaks to the nature of this squad and set up. I always felt it was too top heavy Andrew but, you know, there's part to me, I'm still a dreamer. I still believe that, you know, maybe in modern soccer where positional, we're building a team and building a team that functions as a whole is still important. But it is the most important thing. I still believe maybe if you just front load your team with the best players in the world, you can get through. It's going to be fine. You're right, but the only thing about that is yes, they and BAPE Neymar Messi up front on paper is it's obscene. But like, yeah, okay, it's front heavy because of how ridiculous they are, but it's not like there were bad players behind them. They went out and got done aroma on a free transfer after coming off of his player the tournament performance at the Euros. We talked about variety how highly we think of him in midfield, defensively. Marquinhos has been excellent for them. They went out and got hakimi. They weren't weak after that front three. They were, they were unbelievable up front and then really good behind them. I guess it's hard to figure out. I guess you can't do it. Part of it is you can't have two, three guys who are just not going to contribute on the other side of the ball anymore in the game. You just can't. And the second part of it is and it's apparent I would agree with you on. It wasn't just them that fell apart. It was those other players. It was what you would call the spine of the team, and it starts with Donna room, goes through the center box, but by the way, Hakeem hardly covered themselves in glory either. You know? Positionally, he wasn't great. And he's never okay, I don't know. I've never quite rated him as a defender. I always think he's better on that other side of the ball. But yeah, it wasn't just the front three. This is like a contagion that spread throughout the site. But they shouldn't, like as a unit, and that's I guess what they're not. Nor football team should fall apart Andrew and the manner that they did after conceding a goal. They just should not. No, of course not, but this is, this is kind of now woven into the PSG DNA. In the last decade, they've blown four first leg leads. No one has blown more in that time. Bars are next with three, which by the way means messy alone has four to his name..

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