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People drinking themselves to death. It's every richard burton a little bit. Excuse just the difference between like. I guess it was panned when it came out and ship. But isn't this just their life like to incredibly rich people drinking and yelling at each other. John waters favorite movie importantly like that that makes sense. I think he's got. He's got a commentary track on the shout factory. Blu ray release. Richard burton and and elizabeth taylor like they had to make movies Network weren't there to give him a show at the time so they just moved onto onto the big screen instead of like this being like like two couples truck like in this like whatever new england home or wherever that set up in black and white this this beautiful like mediterranean sea like manson gorgeous movie. It's like a house that shouldn't exist. It's just like it's super modern right on the face of a cliff facing the ocean and then there's like easter island statues off to the side. It's completely absurd but it's amazing if you haven't seen it i don't know if you have sixty beers and watch this movie you're going to have the best of your life. Guaranteed hundred percent all right. Well i think that pretty much wraps up. So if you're listening to this podcast right now do us a big favor and in the description there's a couple of links and those our links that you can click okay. The first link will take you to our tunes page if you haven't gotten a chance to yet Get a five star written review. Because if you do that sir. The itunes algorithm likes more and then more people will see our stuff and we can continue to pune pill the masses and get. Albert's name out there it's important. This is a moral imperative for you dear listener. the other link will take. You are patriarch. Page obviously shit. Sucks right now but if.

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