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Should we not pursue that any further? Disclaimer do not draft Miami dolphin running backs and fans now while the patriots version two you have no idea was doing the mall. Absolutely. No question about it. I love it. The monthly Vienna's you this year. Yeah. You'll probably have a teams by the time record our first preseason bar on money on it right now. Five teams at least five really try not to stresses me out too much. Yeah. I doubt that very much. Anyways idea the Miami Dolphins and overall grade of forty five point six best relent in the NFL. I thought by team Irizawa was seventy three point four one by New Orleans, Tennessee, Minnesota in Cincinnati bangles, my word strive drafts with a three point six seven again lowered the number on the overall grades the worse. It is higher. The number. The veteran is Zimmerman school forty three point six seven followed by the Felker near Seahawks in eagles. I know some people might be asking the raiders item. Number twenty second overall, relax on the patriots ranked twenty first over on people were saying, well, the patriots got non yes, they did the value. But they also reached I think what the punter. I think you can never really guest that with the puncher. And I think that kinda you know, brought through gray down a little bit overall. Yes, they had a decent drafts. But. You know, I don't I don't see the impact players that they had. It's it's so natural. Bus macular late round picks. It's and it's so natural to just assume the patriots slay the draft every year, and they're honestly, they're not any better than drafting at any other team in the last ten years. Go ahead, go through it. Tell me yet. They're just not the draft is as equally crap shoot for everybody had the rents over fourteen overall Nelson might have some disagreements with these grades these are based on the formula together. And I'm confident in it, and obviously time will tell we're one lies. But I wish I wish you're wrong about AirAsia because I do agree that they had a really good draft. I just hope that they are wrong..

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