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Breaking tonight as we come on the air the us sending one thousand more troops. To afghanistan's capital is terrified. Afghan citizens and foreigners rush to flee the country new video just in tonight shows armed taliban forces inside the presidential palace in kabul us military helicopters racing to evacuate personnel from the american embassy. Smoke rising nearby. The scene eerily similar to the fall of saigon yet gan president leaving the country the kabul airport reportedly coming under attack thousands desperately racing to evacuate the us embassy urging americans to shelter in place the taliban releasing video claiming it shows the militants arriving in eastern afghanistan stunning developments in america's longest war as we approach twenty years since the terror attacks on nine eleven the white house releasing this photo of president biden receiving a briefing at camp david our extensive coverage tonight he and panels in afghanistan rachel scott and martha raddatz standing by also breaking tonight the death toll rising from the catastrophic earthquake in haiti hundreds more dead thousands of others injured and many still missing at this hour the powerful magnitude seven point two earthquake stronger than the quake that devastated the country back in two thousand ten the acting prime minister declaring a state of emergency homes and buildings reduced to rubble some residents staying makeshift shelters. Us joining the recovery effort. Matt gutman is in haiti tonight. We'll also tracking grace rapidly. Approaching haiti threatening to bring flooding rains and trigger dangerous landslides. The storm is part of the twin tropical threats now facing the. Us tropical storm warnings posted in florida. This our rob marciano timing it all out and the deadly summer kobe surge pushing hospitals to the brink the us recording more than one hundred forty thousand new cases for two days in a row now hospitals under siege from the relentless delta variant and heartbreaking scenes like this on folding across the country a doctor sharing footage from inside and overwhelmed. Kobe ward in arkansas. And what dr anthony foul she just said about the possibility of booster shots in the future from abc news world headquarters in this world news tonight. Good evening everyone..

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