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Time 424 the fourday wbz accuweather forecast with accu weather i'm meteorologist frank straily wins lesson this evening and tonight skies said turnout cloudy some snow showers will the cape ann islands especially late it'll be cold with low fifty four tomorrow osa snow showers sister spread north and west from the south shore keep an island say in those areas and enter to could he came too late thinks he cody to an inch round boston off to the west however just flurries cold war with high 22 mart i mainly cloudy low nineteen tuesday a mix of clouds and sun will be as cold with a high thirty three however later tuesday night into wednesday we'll see another more substantial likely causing slippery travel with few inches accumulating i wednesday 33 i'm accuweather meteorologist frank straight wbz newsradio 1030 right now beautiful censad and boston currently twenty one degrees and we're really down to the wire one second ago inet football game the jaguars are still leading forty five to forty wind over the steelers wbz news time 425 electric convulsive therapy or ect is known to help people with severe depression but can have side effects like memory loss now research by irving ready and ect expert at johns hopkins and colleagues has shown in a mouse model that a certain gene in a very specific area of the brain is activated following ect therapy it certainly possible that the level of the expression of this game in patients off cruel does gene is expressed in humans that could influence the development of the antidepressant response clinically in patients undergoing a course of these we are certainly interested in that and are in fact interested in cried a monitor at least blood levels of this particular gene at least in its protein form in patients before and after a course of ec ready says defining the mechanism by which ect works could allow therapies to be developed that wouldn't involve delivering shocks to the brain at johns hopkins.

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