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Invited to hear from the C. E. O. of invitation homes on the CEO spotlight please check your traffic and weather together on the eighth of June Rogers well we'll take a look at Waxahachie thirty five east south remains shut down your northbound traffic is forced off at three eighty seven creating about a forty five minute back up from business to eighty seven and for what it's worth on that in the accident on seventy seven if you were choosing that as another way through has cleared so traffic is improving their head out that'll be a good option southbound three eighty seven traffickers for stoppage there it and that means a back up from where you split off with seventy seven and once again seventy seven is a good other way to go so it looks like it's going to save you at least thirty minutes if not more whether you're going again north or southbound okay let's take a look at a problem well we had a problem and then we have another problem in grand prairie ready for yeah I use about thirty belt line was a problem in the left lane of accidents all clear fact that still exist back and far sighted northward for cited the north side of fort worth the far north side coming from Roanoke what's been one twenty past park Vista that's gone traffic quickly and winding itself on thirty five W. clear from thirty past twenty Alta mesa then you've got somebody movie traffic at total of twenty minutes from downtown the Burlison eastbound thirty from the twenty split it's all clear to weather for now we did say over the last couple of days that we had a feeling this six thirty five construction and box springs was going to be a regular thing at least this week and it does seem like that's the case the ramp southbound to eastbound I. twenty impeded by construction crews and so yes right now southbound traffic is slow from Ilham road on six thirty five traffic brought to you by true green don't let mosquitoes ruin your summer Dallas call true green today and live bite free right now you can save fifty percent on your first application by calling.

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