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They will kidnap you and they will try and and tickle me ask for ransom and and and then once they get the ransom is still won't give you back. It's it's just the wild, fuck and west. Yeah, my tattoos will serve as advertising there. I, I also have a Dory and front can't even go back there because he has tattoos and stuff, and it just cost too much trouble explaining to me. I was like, oh, shit. I'm afraid to ever tell George about any vacation spots. Oh, the scary ass breakdown. Yeah, it was in his defense. I mean, when I did Europe by myself, it's just traveling alone is dangerous. It's true. It's really underrated because you don't think about it from little stuff like, oh, I have to, you know, you don't have anybody to watch your stuff. So unless he everything in a backpack or you can carry, which I pretty much did like, you know you, you know, I was like even dehydrating myself on travel days. So I, I'd have to like you not use the bathroom or leave my stuff because some bathrooms you barely get in there yourself there. So wired for small people. You know, it's not like over here and and little things have gotten a bunch of fights almost got stabbed and I was just going through Europe. You know what I'm saying about, but you go by yourself, you things happen, man. So anytime someone says they want to travel by themselves almost do maybe not as extreme as George, but I feel Georgia's coming from. It's it's as dangerous special where you go, George win by himself to. It wasn't. It wasn't. It was. It was. I was staying at termi station, which apparently if you know anything about Rome, you don't wanna stay by termi station. It's like fucking, it's. It's like we're the highest crime rates and the stabbings do go down and it was like the wa- zombie movie twenty eight days. Later at night I was walking home. I went to University College party, meet some locals, and but I and I was I know my way home. So I'm walking home and with the hostile, staying at at a key to getting the place and as a walking by the train station, there's just like homeless people like there's there's, there's there's trash cattering the streets and amongst the treasures, homeless people laying down and sleeping. And it was like a movie where you know, maybe I stepped onto twig branch or made it click and all of a sudden one of them woke up like the head pops up, like who is that? And they see me and they start nudging the person next to him and kind of pointing at me. And that guy nudges the guy next to him. And next thing you know, I've got like people following me and I'm like, trying to get away round the corner and it turned the corner. And there's another guy wait and they're around the corner lake. It's a movie and they started talking to me in Italian. And I made the mistake and I an answer the first thing in Italian, and then I realized I don't speak Italian, don't talk to these people, they're, they're, they want your money. So I'm like, I speak English. I'm sorry. They start speaking English and I'm like, crap. So I start walking and they put me the wall and. The. And I forget what he says, what you want, like any kind of motions that the guy that was like three feet behind them is that guy was gonna stab me. So I just punch. It was more like a forum cross face the guy in front of me and push them into his friend, and because my places right around the corner and I just jetted and I got into my place. Okay. But I remember having a look around my corner, Philip six or seven days that I stayed after that in the locals that I was staying with, they were like they wouldn't..

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