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But then I don't feel like the rest of it can all be one. I feel like that's to like one until about November first. And then like a end of your quintile. So yeah, even though I started with the post maternity leave that kinda liked it that. Yeah. And I didn't get to everything. But it's a lot of things to help for the framework and instead of your three categories expanded that a little bit because I do I did work. Les, which is really more like podcast and blog like that like my side hustle type of work and then personal family in Josh separated. Those out so a little more expanded but same same deal. Yeah. None of make sense. Did we wanna talk through them? Sure. All right. Why don't you start with? Why don't we do? It by Dubai quarters. Go back and forth. What's your Q Q on? So undoing quarters Sarah's during quintiles now people gathering. If you're hung over from New Year's. I just don't think about it too hard. All right. Q on career well Juliette school of possibilities launches on March twelfth. So for that and try and do my best to get it out there and get a figure out who will read it who will buy it. How can I bring it to broader audience as possible little bit more complicated because it is fiction yet still dealing with time management? So in the best of both worlds. I would get people who are interested in fiction and people are interested in time management as opposed to the smaller VIN diagram overlap of the people who are only interested in both topics. So we'll we'll see how that plays out relationships. We're going to Disney in February with the six of us still be a all four kids trip. We've done a lot of trips with only the big kids in this one will be with Alex's, well, which I'm sure he'll love, but the fought the perfect age going to his it's perfect. It's like in the next two months. He stopped running away from an public places. So. Though, you're not gonna get -ducted at Disneyland DisneyWorld and the really good at finding kids and there's like people to help everywhere. So if he does run away, he'll be okay. Yeah. Hopefully, he ran away from me once at another park, and he was so upset about it. Like, he was crying too. Like, I hope this Disney is so well run that like some uniform person would find him like immediately and be like, you know, like, I think I think it's actually more safe than you than most other situations. Most other parks. But. My goal is to get outside for twenty minutes a day through the winter. Beautiful. Sounds great. I I may not read all these these like boring work things are going to detail, but I'm gonna start a research collaboration that I've been procrastinating by the way ours is from my Q one is January first until spring breaks. Takes me the end of March. I would like to work more book proposal, hopefully, complete my draft is gonna have half a quarter done..

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