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Which we need to do. We will deal specific evidence in probable cause an issue helpful health orders if needed for the individual. Once again we won't say there's the threat to have covert out there. And so therefore we we much mandate that all people stay in. You know inside or wear a mask is he aware of. What's coming out of the cdc and their guidelines and recommendations system. Look at what's going on with this delta and there's very interested and they're saying maybe gonna do this and i i think it's good. I think that that reasons people modestly. Maybe out to do that. But again i i would have asked and iran war but i would ask. What's the specific evidence. Is the delta engine. More contagious yes. It is is it more lethal. No it's not People are gonna catch colds. They're going to catch the flu Bottom line is this all comes down to vaccination if it's right for you if you consult with your doctor and decide it's right for you. It's probably the right thing to do to get one. I got one. I think that's what you keep this virus it bay vaccine hesitancy. Now you're remember that colorado comeback cash who don't call a lottery but there were five drawings for a million bucks actually the the vaccination rate is i understand it dropped throughout that entire scenario and then you've got. Let's see gift cards at walmart. There's all all sorts of incentives. Oh it's social influencers and friends and family your neighbors coming over and knocking on your door saying hey you should really think about getting the vaccine. I'm not so sure that any of those methods are the way to go where the governor learn. That personal behavior is a personal decision. And there's no amount gimmick or carnival barker trick that you can pull to get somebody to take vaccine if they don't want one. The decision must meet made at the personal level with one family and health care provider and in my opinion status at that. Will i encourage you to get one. Yes i will. Because i believe it's the right thing to do what i mandate that you get. What no. I won't because that's the wrong thing to do. And we'll i try to offer you gimmicks and tricks and gift cards and pony rights. You get one no. I won't because..

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