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As he celebrates getting his pilot's license. I listened to that miles teller. Who's in this talking about Tom? Cruise megamall go learn how to fly and MSN podcast on this part of the show that he said he had trained so much. It was just a few classes away from being a pilot because they were training that hard for top gun which I saw the Daniel Craig movie delayed because of Corona virus to like October November. Mike any other movies that are being cut. Do you know of though far is just James Bond. But they're thinking like maybe the Milan push back way but I WOULD WANNA movie coming out with log onto theaters right or just okay. Well we're going to go right released to the house. Yeah that's what maverick Topgun Mavericks should do. Oh I thought you knew something now. That's what they should do. Though right Mike D that's an option. They could roll out some kind of streaming service and like. I really want to see the to a streaming service. Yeah just like streaming service for it. Well I don't think create one just for it. They would either put it on. Its own or server website. You pay for it. They're yeah or pretty much. Everybody has a streaming service partner with. Yeah but it'd be kind of weird like movie companies and having them go to certain ones but I mean you could partner with somebody pretty easily even if it was like What's a random when that we don't have yet that even if it was a Okinawan but who lou miramax going to a joint deal with Hulu releases together whether it's like other we rent and buy movies they can maybe do something there? Were you just pay for it? Twitter is testing its own version of instagram's stories called twitter fleets which disappeared for twenty twenty hours. I twitter because it's news. I feel like twitter. She'll be all fleets it should. It should be almost be like read it where I don't go to twitter. Look at someone's page ever and roll through their old tweets. I guess some people do that but I go to twitter to see what's happening now. It's time line. I felt like twitter can be all read it style where it just goes away and twenty four hours because nobody goes in. I'll go look at someone's insert I'll stock someone. Interim just look at all their pictures but I won't stock someone's twitter page really say two months ago so I think an an and finally a woman sixty Guinness record for collection of fourteen hundred bieber related items. Her Room is all beavers really. Yeah as everything from dolls to desk shaped like a beaver wonder why she over the beaver. Not Sure That's what's up. Wash your hands everybody. I don't know what I'll say you're gonNA hear US talk a little bit about Corona. We have a couple of segments. But we don't go full corona. I could do a whole show on corona. I probably watch ten hours of chronic content today. Oh crazy the news scientists. I'm finding things that are translated from Korean and I'm watching doctors talk about it and you know what the one thing. All of it hasn't commented anyone that knows the one thing that has in common. They're all going. We don't quite know it's going to do. And some governments have reacted differently to it and held a different ways. But we don't quite know where it came from like China but but was it the laboratory leak or whatever. They were saying that we know that that that to me is the scary part. Like where did this thing come from? We don't we don't know who I think. I think we kind of know that they say there's no reason not to believe about everything and then they locked down. The China locked it out until anybody who had for a long time so who to believe. Nobody here's what you believe. Just wash your hands God. Twenty thirty years and now people are going to be watching a net special about this like y twenty or thirty years. Why by now one thing I it could be that. Yes but Netflix Netflix. Mice by true. I was just thinking how we watched Ternopil recently and we're like oh my gosh. I can't believe that happened in the eighties. We were alive and that was going on over there and like they lied about it. And if so nutso. Oh we stock tip. Wow we're told everybody to come to this. Post show on the rule show for a stock tip now not a big stock market. Got Myself this is to make money draymond. Know what the stock tip Raimondo. What does this for? Yoyo? It is the cruise line industries. I got three of them. You guys need to look into your Eddie Norwegian Carnival. And also royal. These are all very popular cruise lines in America. They've all dropped in half. Y'All you can get Norwegian for fifteen bucks carnival seventeen bugs. What's the other one royal. Thirty five bucks at one point. Royal was over one hundred dollars. Yeah so you are going to make three times your money as long as you can wait it out for a year. It sucks right now. 'cause nobody's going on cruises but in one year you will make three fold what? You Invest. That's my stock tip year while gone. So here's what I have right. I don't have money in the stock market. I have an APP that sometimes I kinda like Dick. Around and ten bucks over here and so I'm Gonna I'm Gonna I'm GonNa do it and then we're going to track it. I don't know how to almost never get on the set. Hold on right. I'm a I'M GONNA suggest royal so go our C. L. That's your crews are Royal Caribbean News. It's at thirty three twenty five twenty three twenty eight seventeen dollars. Fifteen bucks. Allen was thirty four from purchasing. I haven't been on this thing so long. Maybe it's restricted because of the stock market in a bear market. Right now. Y'All oh I heard they shut the market down to this morning. I might have to wait a couple of days before we place it trying to get in on this today. I have a question for thirty bucks and get pre owned the boat at this point Well that's just one. I got a buddy who said he is going to put. I'm not even kidding. One thousand dollars on it. The music like that lay there was some. It is a one thousand dollars. Okay if I can get in this thing. What can say a question here So like with stuff like this. Yes okay it's at thirty three dollars now. If the corona virus stuff just does get worse and no one's really taking these cruise lines at all like. Is it going to go down? Could you wait like another two? He could well. That's always. What what. What's up doc? I mean Carnival suspended cruises for the next two months so it's going to go lower than thirty three right so we hold out. You never know if you knew for sure but you'd never know okay but again. What wine no Eddie have facial recognition and it goes sorry. You're restricted so. I have no idea I don't trust you're still a masterclass on that though and bring it to us in normal layman's terms. Because sometimes I feel like if I try to watch any stock stuff on the news. I'm like or experts or whatever shows are talk about it. I'm like what I don't understand anything you're saying they just don't talk to me like a normal person. But you could bobby. I have other things. I'm trying to learn like like how to eat a flame with that one one day our last night I try and Burma. Deng turn it. The the magic is here today show. Here's Thursday show. Thank you guys. We'll see tomorrow site and grasp. Bobby bones erase breath. Bobby Repeats Air Personality of the year. Babe Win.

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Twitter, Corona, Mike D discussed on The Bobby Bones Show

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