Senate, Chuck Schumer, United States discussed on State of the Union with Jake Tapper


Giardi here democrats are asking for something that nearly ninety percent of the american public want to happen and the the simple fact is the reason we here is because republicans in control didn't reauthorize chip republicans in control of the reason that we have daca uncertainty and republicans in control for the first time in modern history in control of the house senate and white house can not seen to keep government running so that's why we're here it doesn't have anything to do it 2013 it doesn't have anything to do with chuck schumer this is this false where on the shoulders of the prison in the united states well one of the reasons we had daca uncertanties because president momma and provided unilateral temporary embassy to this population with no consent i'm congress and albania probably the one person disabled speak in favour of shutdowns if it is something that you truly believe in is necessary and you are willing to make the case i don't see the democrats saying straight up shutting down the government is worth a temporary protection for six hundred ninety thousand people that's the case they're making they rejected a sixyear deal chip in order to try get some shred of a promise on dako and the deadline is coming up and so i think they've back themselves into a corner they don't truly have a road map of where they're going or where to get out in president trump for once i think it's exercising some what some message discipline he's in the captured seat republicans they are and how stronger higher ground president trump should say yes come to me with a deal or we're going to standoff because i bet the democrats are going to blink first because they are not standing on the strongest case they should speaking of message discipline if you call into the white house comment line there is a message i didn't believe it when i first saw it on twitter checked it out and we called the white house common line this is what you here.

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