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The laces. Now, I do not know how in the world her. This is at number 7, but it is from Joseph Martinez. I don't know how this is number 7. The degree of difficulty and you look Gonzalez that knows what he just witnessed. The ball is at least 40 feet in the air. He doesn't let it bounce. It's curling. It's a lot of spin. It's all technique. It's coming at an angle behind the back and then the side nets it. This is like a laser. What is this doing at number 7? Let's see what's ahead of it. Number 6, galaxy, Minnesota United. What a Minnesota United. This is better than Joseph Martinez? No. For the first stop, I think Tyler Miller is better goalkeeper than this and he should have had that. Right here, okay, maybe I call for a handball so it would have been a goal and he was in a PK no problem. But really? I've been told in my ear that are producer as Mexican American, but ale Moreno are resident in Venezuela and is going to be very upset that was left out there. Number 5 here from San Diego X feminine yami la Franco. Look at this. Look at that movement on that ball. Look how cleanly she strikes a good reception and then just laces it. That thing is still rising. Well, struck. Lasso there against the Atlético. San Luis. At number four, back down my last decision day, sebas Mendes for Orlando city herk. Oh, this is the good Sabo in my life. What a finish. This is a ridiculous finish. Go on big boy. In step, it's all technique. Watch this, bring it down and then send it home. Big goal for Orlando city two. Against Montreal, they needed the points in this one. They got them, and they are through to the MLS postseason. At number three, U.S. L, great game between Rio Grande valley and Phoenix rising. Bubba card. Does anybody want to stop them? Does anybody want to maybe foul them? In that run, I don't know at midfield. Right there? Oh, they tried. They tried. Can't stop that, man. Finish. Yeah, this like I said, man. Great game. Great game. In U.S. cell. In the end, real grand valley advancing in the playoffs. Number two from the college game Washington state against University of Washington, it's a rivalry. It's a Derby Alyssa gray. Oh. Oh, okay. What's the goalkeeper doing? The goalkeeper honestly is not for a second. She had a chance. You know my rule. Do not die. Do not make a play at it. Go laughers are golas. Save yourself the time. This one was sent in to us via Twitter or you gotta love that. Always. We're listen. We're listen number one. From tigress. Oh, this is why. And then this is a go laso catches a goalkeeper sleeping X montego and get the Lopez your goals going champ with 9 goals. The lowest tally since ya boy, you have yet another did it with ten. Was this better than Joseph Martinez oh? No. How's Joseph Martin is set? Because he's number 7. Is that it? I get it, I get it, 'cause he's number 7. That's really really do not know. That's what it has to be. Hopefully he's not watching and too upset. All right, parting shot. Great scenes. Decision day Sunday. San Jose well eliminated. But in their final game of the season, Chris Wanda lousy scores and not only that afterwards and not to a press conference, but to his beloved. San Jose fans announces his retirement pretty cool moment hurt. Unbelievable moment. Chris Monday last week and I have the same generation. We played together against each other in the old, old developmental MLS developmental league. Those days after the Saturn night games and Major League Soccer.

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