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Their minds. Craig Della more news Radio, 105.9 FM Chicago Police have issued an alert about a group of up to five people who have been Robin commuters on trains and platforms along the Red Line from Lincoln Park to River north. In each case, 2 to 5 men described is about 19 years old demand. People's personal property of the victim refuses there attacked the Adam's taken by force. Wcbm news time now, traffic and weather together on the agent. Here's Bodner and we'll get a look at our tollway system with Chris Harbor Mill in just a moment moment, but we will start on the Stevenson inbound. We're still seeing heavy traffic. It is solid. Before Harlem up to Cicero. This is where an ongoing crash investigation blocks the two right lanes. Just the left lane gets by its Cicero. It's 55 minutes from 3 55 The Lakeshore Drive 45 in from the Tri state this investigation. Is all into an overnight crash involving a tow truck driver that was struck before three o'clock this morning, and the two aliens have been blocked ever since. So we're still seeing these really heavy delays on the inbound Stevenson pictures of everything going on. They're on Twitter now at Wcbm 7 80 traffic Outbound Stevenson now looking okay? Eden's. You're all clear both directions. The Kennedy inbound. 22 from O'Hare, but just 10 minutes out to the junction 20 minutes out to the airport eyes now inbound 34 from round 3 1921 for Mannheim. Outbound is OK on the Dan Ryan inbound. 28 minutes 1950 downtown. No Outbound delays. 57 is looking pretty good on the Bishop Ford. We're good Lake Shore drive is all clear, North and South bound as well. Let's get our look at the toys and say good morning to Chris Harbor Mill. He's immobile, 7 80 Good morning. Uh, Bo. Hi, everybody. I hope you had a nice holiday weekend weekend. There. Now, let's get back to work, though not downside. The tri states back in the 88 the outbound to 90 on the ramp. 90 is doing okay. 88 roadwork is authorized today in the left lane either direction near Route 47 on the Reagan that last between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. You will watch for that. See if it goes up after all. 3 55 53 3 90 Those air doing okay. Chris Harbor Mill Mobile, 7 88 He's looking okay today with 80 94 all clear I 65. The Indiana toll road are checking in at the speed limit as well around like heights, Fairfield North. So as you approach Rollins because of a crash seven issue, and Niles is while central clothes from TUI to Jarvis because of a pavement buckle usually high instead. Next traffic report.

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