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The Stewart! Yeah that's what does. Getting to the gate Oh. What was was very difficult to get her to the gate. We we sort of made a mistake with her. And we took her pass the gap. On the tracks and it's just a good. Standing there for four minutes. Then it was time to go to the gate, and she said no I. Don't think I'm going to go to the gate today's. The phony voice so. It took us a while to get her motivated to go to the gate. But you know after she After. She got in the gate. And and during the race, Mike was really happy with her because. We wanted her to come from off the pace She's not good when she goes to the lead, so it was worked out really well. Maybe we got you got a little farther back Danny. Wanted. To made a nice run at the end, and I think she's a really nice silly. excited. Fear run to well. Well and the Philly and mayor. The whole staff division. John is exciting I. Mean it it. It feels like every week. We're getting another. added and. We'll look forward. I suppose Clement Hirsch For, her. Yeah Yeah Yeah Nice and I want to ask you. Go ahead. No, you go ahead. I'm going to come back because I. I got a I've got a different horse. Ask about, but follow up Going to say hard not to love look so good after A. and when? Once he does that. It's not like she's nervous or anxious at all. She's has a little bit of a stubborn streak tour so. We're just working on getting her to respond a little bit better regard. Nice. the the way you described that too it. It reminds me of the way. Bobby Frankel used to talk about honest lady and all the. All the all the that whole family that just sometimes they've got you know. Sometimes they're smarter than than some of their stablemates. They've they've got a lot more going on upstairs. VERY SMART! Then they you know they they. They like to have things you know they. They get bored and you know they. They get out of that stall. They you know there's things that They've got some things on their minds. Sometimes I gotta ask you. Speaking of history. got You've got to why God maiden winner that worked yesterday and broke the maiden on that that was last weekend. John the zest for the why gods they had a huge weekend. The why gods they, two winners with cliffs, size and zest with you. This is the tap it philly out of life is sweet. No not for me. That was very special because the riot. Life Tweet, so you know I few..

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