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In this case it sounds like punishment for punishment sake frankly i mean if they truly wanted to help this woman or any of the one and actually in and they would make sure that they had access to all of these services that they need outside of treatment well i mean when you when you make treatment or access to health care or other social services a kind of tool for reforming people if they don't you know that's used by the criminal justice system if they don't comply than they can be taken away because the whole thing is being done under this punitive model you know that's one of the risks of doing this kind of service provision through criminal justice it's not that the people there don't need it in fact they they really do you know the people who are criminalised are often very poor very marginalized you know racially excluded they have core you know have had poor educations come from dangerous or underserved neighborhoods you know they have a great deal of needs we know that but it's it's because we've incarcerated so many people because we arrest so many people that you know we've we've decided oh well they have all these needs we should deliver the you know them services the criminal justice system because that's where they are what strange that that coexists with the fact that we don't actually provide that many services to poor people and poor neighborhoods outside of the criminal justice system we've in fact continually withdrawn those kinds of social services cement in the case in the book where there is one woman who ended up in wts her women treatment services which i should restate is that centers linked to the criminal justice system and she was brought in for for what you know most people would think of his casual marijuana use how did win like this end up in singers that are intended to to treat serious drug habits one of the things it's really remarkable is how little people's actual druguse matters in the kind of rehab that they end up in so this is what you're getting at that people would end up in a criminal justice based rehab who often who didn't really have drug problems i think or at least a court what most people would consider serious drug problem so they were recreational users or they were involved in.

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