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We literally parked and is winner Oh. Golly fucking coalition walk around the Goddamn Cave in. Bondage. Gear right. So. We're walking through the the casino and turning heads laughter because. There's an African American man wearing for three inch heels. Just I'd like Tim Curry blowing kisses at random guys. Yeah one I just all these eyes. Oh, man fat. But we did that and then there was. Out of the entire theater, there was only with three of his address us to a girl dresses riffraff seriously. So. We did the whole the whole spiel you know no neck. Dollar Lines. Yeah and then once it ended the parents came up to us and they were like. Thank you addressing. She didn't feel on I was like I'm glad get. Tully, the whole Selena, they you an eerie I don't know if they still do up these student, the warriner a wish we need to make that happen I think honestly we we should make that a thing and happy come and just dress up. I wanted the library theatre to do it and I get if they don't want like the props if they don't want the audience props because I know there's a lot of like throwing toilet paper and If they don't want the theater destroyed. That's fine we can knock that out but I think that Warren needs to have rocky horror picture show I think cyber at the totally dress up for that. I? Mean if they don't want to allstate cleaning I have no problem. Yeah. Absolutely. Teepee all day long. I'm I'm all for that began like that's one of the obscure references to you Jodi person by where they know Tim Curry from yes. Yep. That that's one of the truce read yet -cause if you like Hey Tim Curry Oh is it that guy from from home alone you mother Fucker don't even get away from me right now go di Go. Yeah. Yeah I used to I have friends. I had friends in high school that. I was exposed to it. I. Don't even remember how but I might have even discovered on my own, but I was obsessed like that first year after I saw it for the first time like this is my entire life now and so I exposed a couple of my friends to it and I wasn't invited back to their houses like they weren't supposed to hang out with me and I'm like see this is how I know. It's cool. If people are kicking me out of their house because the scares them that much that I know it must be he'll. Actually, ash was when interest introduced me to really. Honestly I mean, I knew Tim Curry from a few different things prior. His voice is voice acting add on. There's always clue I mean who is always Lou knew him from home alone. It my big my biggest intro to him. He was also voicing one of the VILLAINS IN SUPERHUMAN SAMURAI EARLY WITH MEL Matthew Lawrence. Okay. Back. Voice actor. The, Villain Nigel thornberry. Like. It's like before that and then you know kinda seeing him in that light on like this is a whole new universe that I. Yeah Wipe. Things just get hiding them like it comes down from the sky and you're like my life just expanded. Living under a rock. Yeah. Then we got an aunt clockwork orange guy that's one of my favorite books and movies of all time. So it's amazing. If I say to somebody my little draggy and they don't get it. We can't be friends select just just we can't you need I'm to give you a reading list and then you can come back and reapply for friendship and we'll. We'll take it from there. You just told this day. Have Syllabus for you. Go we'll revisit. This. At midterms. Yeah It's. Papa Obscure Man. fucking pop culture I love it. I love it crazy days. Yeah. What aspect going. On today. believe after this break going to go see the goodwill or salvation army in Lakewood. Our JAMESTOWN wherever because I've been looking for furniture I was gonna say does it feel like you're moving into this cavernous face? Honestly Yeah. I mean we have still stuff in storage but most dislikes more knickknacks and close and I think you don't really realize when I lived in an apartment in Edinburgh that I see I got my house and I was like. I don't I thought I had so much shit packing it to come back from Edinburgh and then I, put all my house. I'm like I have nothing like. So What's going on yet that's kind of kind of where we are with less with his house and that's exciting. If wonderful is need anything. Oh, good question. We do need chairs for the dining table Dave and Mandy. gave us. It's Kinda Nice. Yeah. Maybe, we'll will figure it out across one bridge at a time. If you need anything we'll do. Have renegade visit up there seems going. Yeah. See beefy shoot in it or not I was he doing a shot and he's got a comedy show tonight tonight at the Holiday Inn. Undoing a sleepover. I shouldn't say it like that because I'm excited and it's going to be fine but I didn't know beatty was doing a show. Yeah. It's it's been on my face and I I'm kind of Said I. Forgot about it. I I WANNA go to support because I've been in the other ones. Yeah. Excellent time. Yeah. Oh, he's so great. Awesome. I should have him up sometimes just to like. Just for banner we'd here just for that. Yeah. Okay. So June, I'm going to do the whole month is going to be just dad's just ads which apparently February is turning into to a I. Don't know why but that's the way that schedules are working out but I'm thinking what I would love to do is have a panel and have people write in questions like have women and MOMS writing questions for men and Dads to answer advice information just anything and just make it a total comedy situation. So beefy is GONNA have to be in on that beefy common for you. We between beefy myself, Marcus. Yeah. It between the three of US alone L. Enough. Witty? I think the three of you are all I can handle in one day and then I'll have to go back for like errands stearns. Cody als was gray. He's going to be a good one. But yeah, I wanna just have the whole month be all about dads and DADS stuff. So. Yeah I will I will happily jomon awesome and weigh in on any topic you can. You can yeah filter free that's going to be the best part. That's what I love so much about it. That's it's rare filter for it's. It's rare and well, and it makes it hard for ranking. You know I'll never be an apples new and noteworthy ever because I haven't explicit content rating but honestly if I were looking for any gas. I would be looking for something. That's a little bit more edgy sours. I'm fine with not being really well represented in rankings. At. They're not for the not just. Yeah. Baseball, you know he'll screw. Right UPPERCUT YEP News Roundup by Astle. Heine Watch that again. You know what we have you ever for Mellberg's Mary. Do you we own everyone. Yeah. These happen have a sleepover and then when the kids get a bad, the adults the bargain start. Both. The Producers L. Zero Months Ellen Gene Wilder. The Nathan Lane and magazine Rick Twelve Chair silent movie. Okay. Sweet..

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