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These reforms more than three dozen county sheriff's police chiefs and D. A.'s were in Albany on Thursday call on the legislature and the governor to slow down on these reforms take a second look and allow them to have some input on it shooting in Troy police say it happened around eight PM last night at the Griswold heights housing complex police say a twenty year old man was shot in the leg he was bleeding heavily at the scene taken to a hospital tri city council is given a first approval to mayor Patrick Madden's plan to turn control of the one monument square site to a local development corporation madness said the move is necessary to make this latest attempt to redevelop the former site of city hall success the previous four attempts all ended in failure WG one news time eight oh four Democrats say they're moving forward without engaging in court battles to try and force top trump administration officials to cooperate in the Ukraine impeachment inquiry boxes Rachel Sutherland house speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't ruling out more witnesses but Democrats appear ready to move forward with drafting articles of impeachment based on existing evidence and testimony close he told reporters yesterday the president has used his office for his own personal gain it's expected the house Judiciary Committee will take up the inquiry drafting articles of impeachment based on a report from house intelligence committee staffers the full house could vote on the articles by Christmas setting up a potential Senate trial in January in Washington Rachel Sutherland fox news frontier airlines left a lot of passengers up in the air yesterday with an email telling them there had been a change to their upcoming flight frontier later explained the emails were sent out in error and the passengers could verify their upcoming trips.

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