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An eighty one toyota celica with the twenty two our engine. The car starts great runs. Great for one minute and then there's no high idle it suddenly goes down to about two hundred. Rpm it'll stall if i don't keep my foot on the gas once it warms up. It's perfect now. I don't know if this is a factor. But i can cure it but putting the air conditioner on which pumps it up. Europeans about two hundred higher doesn't stall stall when you first started. It does fast idle for who does not fast at all it all right. Well let let let. Rogers say. I listened to him if you listen to him when he's when they stopped the first time you don't have to say let rogers say again. I listen to all first. Said i think you're knucklehead. Roger what does it do dot perfectly. It runs perfectly for one minute And then it just goes down to about two hundred one hundred really rough okay and then you turn the air conditioner on and that fixes it. If you would turn the air conditioner off yeah it'll go back down to two hundred once it's warmed up completely fine. What is completely warmed up. It's okay okay. Well there are two possibilities. There's only one well if you're stupid has only if you combine the two the the obvious possibility. The obvious thing that my brothers thinking of is is that it's coming off choke too fast and maybe the fast idle is an adjusted correctly. So that sean choking at all maybe well it must be choking because it starts at runs perfectly and then as a choke begins to open the bottom falls also speaks possible that the fast idle screw is not turned in far enough however i suspected something different because of my vast knowledge of toyota's or let me tell you something about the eighty-one yes card. All you can can adjust anything. Yeah and you got a big enough screwdriver. World you cannot adjust the mixture easily. But i'm gonna just the idol spew gonna just the curb idle spe- you can adjust the which is the idle speed that The speed at idols at when the engine is fully warm. You can adjust also boost idle speed. Which is the speed at attains. When you've turned on the air conditioner and you can also just a cold idle speed. Which is the screw that that hits the fast idle cam. She can determine how fast it runs when the choke is fully closed partially closed and less closed more nationally partially partially. So that that those adjustments you can do. You can also just a mixture which is not necessary in this case. But i was gonna say what i think is wrong with it. Is something called the A diaphragm accelerator pump. Diaphragm may have a small hole in it and what happens when it has a small hole in it. It allows gasoline when the engine is in the warm up phase to get sucked into one of the legs of the manifold and it will cause the engine to run very rough and very slow and then when the engine warms up that vacuum shut off diaphragm. And even though it's leaking it is it is not contaminating. The the the mixture with too much gas on that in fact number one cylinder. Did this happen all of a sudden. 'course it one day and the next day it wasn't i don't recall it being a sort of a slow process case. It's unlikely that a screw is unadjusted. Could've fallen out screws do followed on might have been stolen in brooklyn. You know anything. There was a rash of fast idle scoop deficit brooklyn but in any event i suspected. Is this diaphragms. You can have your mechanic if he can find the diaphragm now. Would that be inside the carburetor. No it's outside the carburetor. There are three little screws that hold on vacuum os and it's on the front of the carburetor he can pinch off or she your mechanic and pinch off the holes when the engine is cold and see if it doesn't correct the problem if it does then that's and you need a new diaphragm but you'll have to leave the car overnight. I love it. Yes i got you. You got it guys. Thanks so much good luck. That'll do it next time by one. Eight eight eight car talk or one eight two seven eight two five five low your car. Talk guys down in miami. We listen to you on wwl. Rn and i have kind of a unique one for you. Okay my husband. And i have a nineteen sixty austin healey bug spray and it needs to be put away for some long term storage and i wanted to get some tips on how to accomplish. All of this long is long about three years three years ago. He took a job in the persian gulf. Change duty military exactly. Yeah well there are two schools of thought here. Brothers and the rest of the civilized world. Now wait a minute. What do it's through your theory on. This is pock pox combat by a new battery. Put it in dry. Started up you going susan that you couldn't take the car okay. We're going to new orleans and the thing is we have three other cars so something's gotta give curse delving into susan's personal habits damn on this technical question should have a purely objective answer known if they realize when you don't have a good technical answer than you've got to fake around you change. The question always changed the question. You changed from ronald reagan. You kidding you why invented that was true. You leave store for three years Three that's a long time. You know i. I have recently developed a new theory about this. And and the genesis of this new theory was that what they do with. Boats both studies to be yes. In fact i happen to know the inventor of the device that makes that possible great mid coal. He's also magician. What did he do now. They shrink wrap bolts right. Exactly drink wrap them just like if you go into the supermarket and you buy shrink wrapped piece. You can shrink wrap entire yacht. We have the pit boats this winter. Well they they used to They they used to have The older version. This was caused malene. That's right you know when you get those gps when you were in high school. The army surplus some question about this. Actually this is an interesting idea because what they do actually with the bolts is. They covered the entire boat. Get this with gigantic piece of plastic and then there is a heat wand which us at the end to sort of laughing but this is serious. This is my knowledge. I don't know that anyone has ever done this with a car. Interesting idea what what's curious about. It is the thing you trying to do you store the car. The basic issue is keep moisture out. So you're gonna make very sure that you don't seal in all the moisture that's why you must vacuum the vacuum pack your car. Yeah and this is what they do at the boches not good enough. Pack right ziplock baggie. No if you could you could you could take the whole car rapid plastic and then hook up your vacuum cleaner so it sucking air from underneath the bag and when it when it looks like it's all suck down around the car shrinked right honey. Shrink the kids. I shrunk the car then you seal it up and that would do it fluid now you want the theory of the rest of the world susan. That's my.

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